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Embellished Slippers




Decorated with a dazzling combination of fabric, ribbons, sequins, and beads, store-bought slippers offer a wonderful way to welcome houseguests and make lovely gifts for virtually any occasion. This technique, inspired by a pair of slippers created by Martha's friend Melissa Neufeld, is designed to yield a pair embellished with toile fabric and velvet ribbon. You can, however, easily adapt this technique to create any of the five versions that follow or to fashion your own design.

Tools and Materials
Cotton fabric (Martha uses a Martha Stewart Signature chinoiserie toile fabric)
Plain slippers
Fabri-Tac glue
Stiff bristle brush (optional)
Twill tape or ribbon (optional)
Velvet ribbon
Sequins (optional)
Sequin flowers (optional)
Braided trim (optional)
Beads (optional)

Slippers How-To
1. Cut a piece of fabric to at least 1 1/2 inches larger on all sides than the vamp or top of one of the slippers. Using Fabri-Tac glue, completely cover the vamp. If desired, spread the glue with a stiff bristle brush.

2. Carefully lay the fabric on the vamp, gently pulling it tightly across so it doesn't pucker. (If the fabric does pucker a bit at the end, don't worry; the edges will be covered with ribbon.) Let dry for about 5 minutes.

3. Trim the fabric about a 1/4 inch from the edge on all sides (don't worry if it isn't completely straight; the ribbon will cover it). If desired, attach twill tape or ribbon to create a nice, neat border.

4. Wrap the velvet ribbon around the sole to gauge how much you'll need (you should have enough to extend completely around and across the vamp's edge). Using the Fabri-Tac and working in sections, apply a coat of glue directly to the ribbon.

5. Starting on the inside edge of the sole, begin wrapping the ribbon around the slipper, gluing as you go. Trim the end, fold it under, and glue. Let this dry for about 5 minutes.

Thin Green and Brown Fancy Trim How-To
Cut strips of thin flower ribbon and glue them on with Fabri-Tac.

White Sequin and Beaded Trim How-To
Use sequins that come already threaded. Cut a piece of the sequined material just large enough to fit the front of the slipper. Using some Fabri-Tac glue, attach the sequins to the slipper.

Green Grosgrain with Sequin Flowers and Leaves How-To
Cut individual sequined flowers, and glue them on the slippers. Add leaves by gluing a bit of green ribbon underneath the flowers.

Swiss Braid Millinery Trim How-To
Attach the braided trim using Fabric-Tac.

Blue Sewn-On Beads How-To
Sew beads onto your slippers using a needle and thread. (Martha made hers by threading the beads and stitching directly into the slipper about every 10 beads.)

Slippers can be found at Pearl River. Fabri-Tac glue is available at crafts and fabric stores. Thin flower ribbon can be found at Masterstroke Canada (416-751-4193; Threaded sequins can be purchased at M and J Trimming.
1008 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10018


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Reviews (10)

  • Elsie_Williston 10 Mar, 2009

    What a wonderful idea! I made them for a recent beach vacation. They were easy and fun to personalize for all of the gals on the trip. Thank you for providing an excellent resource for the slippers. It saved me time and money by shortening my search.

  • swissrosieposie 27 Jul, 2008

    I have a collection of hotelslippers which I use for guestslippers in the winter. They would do as well. Creative idea's are idea's and don't need to be followed up by the letter and product. It's trying to do things on a tighter budget that creates true creativity!

  • Pablena 27 Jul, 2008

    The link to where the slippers used in this craft is under resources at the end of the project. I find that the majority of products suggested don't fit into my budget so I have to seek out less expensive alternatives. I do however appreciate the ideas suggested.

    I'm sure that those who have a more extensive budget, who enjoy making crafts find the links very helpful.

    Great idea to have slippers ready for visitors so that you can ask them not wear their shoes in the house.

  • flidhais 27 Jul, 2008

    Oh hey I did finally find them....the most expensive ones they sell. Why am I not surprised. LOL

  • flidhais 27 Jul, 2008

    sorry my eyes are not as good maybe...Why don't you just post the url right to the slippers instead of just leading us to the "paying advertiser's" splash page...hmmmm? It wastes our limited spare time having to fiddle around and hope we can find what we need.

    Oh and BTW there are NO plain raffia slippers on the site..go hunt "slippers" yourself.

    There's no clues on their page either, just a list of stuff with no slippers in the list.

  • flidhais 27 Jul, 2008

    I really get sick and tired of these craft ideas with no clue as to where to buy the main article we then are supposed to slap decorations onto...oh joy another one.

  • ladytiffany 27 Jul, 2008

    irevin, If you read the resources section it tells you.

  • irevin 27 Jul, 2008

    Ok so now where do I buy these slippers

  • Anna_Marie 26 Jul, 2008

    Maybe the ladies, but I doubt any men would wear these. Cute gift idea!

  • wduke2 26 Jul, 2008

    Not my thing...kinda tacky to me., but to each his own.