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No-Knit Snuggly Hat and Mittens

Created By: Johnny Miller




It wouldn't be spin to describe this craft as ridiculously easy. Although in some ways that's exactly what you do with a Knitwit: spin (well, wrap) thread around a circular or square-shaped tool to create loopy rosettes. Rendered with luxurious yarns such as mohair, these florets look decidedly modern. 

To determine how much yarn you'll need per rosette, follow this rule of thumb: Winding once around the tool requires two yards, winding twice requires three yards, and so on.

While the Knitwit has been discountinued, the Hana Ami Flower Loom ($20,, similar to shown) comes with instructions, so we've limited the how-tos to our modifications. The basic technique involves wrapping the yarn and then twisting the tool's stem to release the floret with a satisfying pop. 

Editor's Tip: Creating these blossomlike designs calls for a different kind of holiday wrapping. Wind thread around a Knitwit, knotting at each loop with a needle. For thicker yarn, use a tapestry needle; for thinner, a sewing one. To alter the "pattern," play with thread type and the number of times it's wound around the tool.

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  • Knitwit or Hana Ami Flower Loom ($20,
  • Angora yarn
  • Needle
  • Hat and mittens
  • Disappearing ink pen


  1. Step 1


    Make your little one's winter wear even cozier with rosettes. These call for angora, wrapped three times each. To attach them as earflaps, first put on the hat (high on the head). Hold the rosettes to cover the ears, and mark the position. Use the same yarn and a needle to stitch the earflaps to the hat. 

  2. Step 2

    To embellish the mittens, affix florets at their centers and at each knot (you'll know where they are from the Knitwit instructions) around the perimeter.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2009



Reviews (22)

  • tn_mama 18 May, 2013

    I also thought this would be instructions on making the mittens. A felting project perhaps? Also, we're starting to see so many repeats lately...what's up?

  • anjela234 13 Jan, 2013

    I believe Martha is running out of ideas !!!! I've been thinking that for some time now. The "crafts of the day" have been seriously... just plain SILLY!

  • hritzi 13 Jan, 2013

    I finally got all the passwords, and all the registration and finally got all the ads to sell the Martha Stewart....stuff...eliminated and "finally" was able to get the craft a day delivered by Email; and now I see incomplete and misleading information. It is obvious, all this is to " sell baby sell" all the little gadgets. I'm out ta here:(

  • dijeda 13 Jan, 2013

    Another waste of time, coming to find out how to do a craft only to have it not be what it seemed, and then a link that takes you to a page that says the account is suspended. What, someone went to jail or something? I don't know why I bother with this site. More often than not, I am disappointed.

  • empressfrancis1 13 Jan, 2013

    OK---This project has been here for close to 3 years and no one from Martha Stewart has read or replied to any of these messages. Does that give you any sort of idea about how things are run? It's all about the bottom line, folks and making money for Ms Stewart. Sorry to be so negative but....

  • AstralV 13 Jan, 2013

    The knitwit link gives the following error message ::::
    This Account Has Been Suspended
    Contact Administrator

  • HarriedMom 9 Dec, 2010

    I agree with Vicki I only looked because of the hat and mittens pattern. Maybe we are to buy the hat and just add the rosettes but that isn't really homemade in my book.

  • Vicki111 9 Dec, 2010

    Where is the pattern for mittens and hat??? Not even a mentiion about where they got them. I love Martha's ideas, but the show as well is turning into a commercial for everything she sells! Not good.

  • amysocrafty 9 Dec, 2010

    Mohair for a baby wearable??? Puh-leeze. 1. costly. 2. hairy/sheds. 3. many babies will find this fiber itchy.

    Love ya, Martha, but this one's better in the photo layout than real life.

  • skooter04 19 Nov, 2010

    It seems to me that this is a great advertisement for the KnitWit, however, there are no instructions on how to make the hat and mittens. That was the reason I clicked on this project was to see how to make this item.

  • sweetiepye 22 Feb, 2010

    Julie, I appreciate the free craft projects also. I just don't like being mislead.

  • erinluvstocraft 19 Feb, 2010

    I agree - just title the craft something like, Add embelishments to existing pieces...

  • Donatella60 18 Feb, 2010

    I also was expecting something cut from an old sweater and felted, not embellished store bought hat and mittens. Also, the mohair hat and mittens, if store bought, would be quite expensive and elegant enough without embellishment. I,too, was disappointed in this project.

  • adriela 18 Feb, 2010

    Google making rosettes yarn and you'll find many results if rosettes are your "thang". They aren't mine. I expected to find no knit hat and mittens, not how to embellish a ready made hat and mittens. It's got nothing to do with creativity. I am an artist. I'm creative. I'm also aggravated.

  • mariekoran 18 Feb, 2010

    If you hadn't noticed, many of the things in crafts here and elsewhere require specialty tools, and this one isn't even expensive. How much does an embossing gun cost, to make greeting cards and invitations that the reciever is just going to throw away after the event ?

  • mariekoran 18 Feb, 2010

    It seems that some of the commenters here are lacking in creativity. Like an earlier comment said, make a simple tool, or go buy one, and use it many times to decorate dozens of things around your house and to embleish gifts. Not to mention all the things you can make out of just rosettes.

  • zzoo 17 Feb, 2010

    aye . . . this instructs how to make ROSETTES--not the "Hat and Mittens." whimsical and fun, though mislabeled.

  • sweetiepye 17 Feb, 2010

    I believe this is titled wrong. There are no instructions for the hat and mittens, just the rosettes.

  • PaisleyRose 17 Feb, 2010

    I agree with Lucy, the tool looks simple to make.

  • LucyMaryJane 17 Feb, 2010

    Why not make your own rosette? Perhaps a circle of reinforced cardboard with
    ball headed straight pins inserted evenly aroud the edges into the cardboard.
    Poster board (the foam filled) might be just the ticket.

  • lasalloise 17 Feb, 2010

    I quite agree with the comments above...If you don't have the tool, you cannot do anything!!!

  • jltait 17 Feb, 2010

    Nice ad for knitwit but otherwise, rather useless as an actual craft.