Dreidel Game

Dreidel Game

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 16 2004


A favorite Hanukkah game becomes a wonderful gift for kids when it's presented inside a cloth sack customized with the rules. Fill bag with a dreidel and counters (you can use coins, candies, or buttons).

To play, you need two or more people and about 10 counters per person. The game is played in rounds; to start, each player puts a piece into the center. A player then spins the dreidel and takes the action indicated by the letter on the upturned face: for nun, take nothing; for gimmel, take all; for hay, take half; for shin, add one. If the pot gets down to two counters or fewer, everyone pitches in a counter. If you have none left, you're out of the game. The winner is the last person left with counters at the end.

To decorate a bag, download our design and print onto iron-on transfer paper following package directions. Cut out design, and iron onto cloth bag.



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