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Circle Cutter Party Crafts


Use this fantastic circle-cutting tool to make inventive garland decorations and favors perfect for your next party.

For the Garland
Tools and Materials
Circle cutter
Two complementary colors of card stock
Decorative paper in coordinating colors
Spool of ribbon in coordinating color
Glue stick
White craft glue

Garland How-To
1. Print 1- to 2-inch letters onto card stock of alternating colors, leaving plenty of space around each. Cut a 4-inch circle around each letter, with the letter carefully centered under the circle cutter.

2. Cut as many 3 3/4-inch circles from decorative paper as you have letters.

3. Cut a 4 1/2-inch circle from one of the card stock colors. Without moving the tool, cut a 5-inch circle around the first circle. Repeat to make as many "rings" as you have letters in your garland, alternating the colors of card stock as you did for the letters.

4. Assemble the garland: Tape the first letter of your garland to a length of ribbon. Leave the ribbon on the spool, if possible, to ensure you have enough space for all the letters. Glue the smaller (3 3/4-inch) decorative paper circle to the back of the first letter with a glue stick, sandwiching the ribbon.

5. Select a ring of the opposite color to surround your first letter and attach to the ribbon with a dab of white craft glue.

6. Repeat with all the letters of your garland, spacing evenly.

7. When the garland is complete, cut the ribbon from the spool, if necessary, and trim the ribbon at either end.

For the Thaumatrope Favors
Tools and Materials
Circle cutter
Screw punch with 4mm tip
Card stock
Angel and devil template, or party hat template
Large rubber bands
Picture of guest of honor (head and shoulders)
Glue stick
White craft glue

Thaumatrope Favors How-To
1. Print the template for the angel and devil or party hat thaumatrope on light-colored card stock.

2. Using the circle cutter, cut within the guide circle on the template.

3. Print the photo of your guest of honor to a size that coordinates to the size of the head accessory on the template (this may take some experimentation). Cut around the head and shoulders of the person, removing all background.

4. Position the trimmed photo over the template circle, aligning the person's head with the head accessory (halo, horns, or hat). When you are satisfied with the positioning, measure and note the distance from the top of the circle to the top of the person's head.

5. Turn the circle over. Make sure the head accessory is on the bottom of the side facing down. Place the photo on the circle, positioning the head the same distance from the top as your measurement in the previous step. Glue in place with a glue stick. Trim any part of the photo that extends over the edge of the circle.

6. Punch a hole on each side of the circle.

7. Thread a rubber band through one hole, slip one end of the rubber band through the loop in other end, and pull tight. Repeat for other side.

For the Game Favors
Tools and Materials
Circle cutter
Screw punch with 4mm tip
Card stock
Birthday cake template
2 3/4-inch glass-top candy tin
7/8-inch decorative tape
1/8-inch foam mounting squares
Round pearl beads, about 3/16-inch

Game Favors How-To
1. Print the template for the birthday cake game on light-colored cardstock.

2. Using the circle cutter, cut within the guide circle on the template.

3. Punch holes in the flame of each candle.

4. Place 1/8-inch mounting squares on the back of the circle, avoiding the holes; peel off the protective backing from the mounting squares and place in the bottom of the candy tin.

5. Add 7 beads to the tin (as many as there are holes). Place the lid on the tin.

6. Affix 7/8 decorative tape around the outside of the tin; trim.
Tip: You can also create this favor with your favorite picture -- cut a 2 11/16-inch circle from the picture, and punch holes for details, such as earrings.

The circle cutter, adhesive tape (Martha used woodland floral decorative tape), ribbon (Martha used camellia pink-coffee bean piped nylon ribbon), crafting paper (Martha used wood-grain paper), card stock, and screw punches can be found at Glass-top candy tins are available at Rubber bands may be found at office-supplies stores such as Staples. Fake pearl beads may be found at crafts stores.

Special Thanks
For the week of September 15, 2008, all the products in our Martha Stewart Crafts line at Michaels are 30 percent off. The circle-cutting tool was given along with other great Martha Stewart Crafts supplies to our studio audience.

The Martha Stewart Show, September 2008

Reviews (5)

  • 27 Dec, 2008

    I don't seem to get a "perfect" circle. What am I doing wrong????

  • 12 Oct, 2008

    I've been using it for quit a while now. It'sfantastic! I'm planning to make letter garlands every season. All you need is ribbon and a ribbon puncher along with embossing stamps. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

  • 9 Oct, 2008

    I couldn't find this at Michael's either - they looked at me like I was weird. In any event, I tried another one and they had FOUR. Keep trying - they are out there!!! Here is the MS link too . . .

  • 2 Oct, 2008

    I can't find a circle cutter! I tried on the 'M.S. shopping' but no luck there. Also tried at Michael's but they said that they didn't know when 'your' shipments would arrive. HELP!

  • 2 Oct, 2008

    I love this tool..... I just got it today, it was the last on the shelf. I was so excited to rush home and try it on this project for a girft for Christmas for my niece.