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The Martha Stewart Show, February 2008

Twenty-seven-year-old Rob Kalin took a leap of faith in 2005 when he founded the website, a Brooklyn-based online marketplace for all things handmade. In just three years, he has seen some remarkable results from his hard work and dedication: Since Etsy's launch, it has gained more than 750,000 members and currently has about 100,000 sellers from around the world that have opened up Etsy shops. On a given day, 15,000 items are sold and 20,000 new items are listed. Today, Rob stops by the studio with a sampling of some of Etsy's best-selling items.

Handspun Hand-Knit Cashmere Pussy Willows by Year of the Goat (Melissa Halvorson)

Plushee by Sweetestpea

Feltidermy by Girl Savage

Doll and Frame by Emily Martin (No. 1 Esty seller)

Smooth Talk Cowl by Fringe

Kanzashi Geisha-Inspired Headdress by Boring Sidney

Silk Hand-Screened Ties by toybreaker

Sterling Silver Ring with Amboyna Burl Inlay by robandlean (Rob and Leighanne Thompson)

Love-Letter Necklace by Kathryn Riechert

Scrabble Piece by Littleput Books

Camilla Rose Locket by Luxedeluxe

Petal Earrings in Silver Jewelry by Elizabeth Scott

Japanese Blossom Bag by Janine King Designs

Brown Handbag by Charm Design

Calendar and Stationery by ilee

Notes by Modern Printed Matter

Paper Tags by Every Jot and Tittle

Sock Monkey Soapsicle by LoveLeeSoaps

Comments (70)

  • CherBrabner 21 Jun, 2012

    Wow great list of sellers. I am a seller too and I wish you can visit my page. Thanks!

  • twiniea 16 Mar, 2011

    Thanks for featuring these amazing sellers!

  • RubberStampPress 20 Nov, 2010

    Etsy is a wonderful place to buy and sell. Thank you Martha Stewart:)

  • Mislas 17 Sep, 2010

    I'm fan of Martha so is a pleasure as an etsy seller to find that she featured in her show amazing shops. My favorite Apple head

  • biancaneve81 18 May, 2009

    I love to buy and sell on esty! It's such a creative fun filled place to find one of a kind items. It's great she featured it on her show! Thanks! (my shop)

  • RedHeart13 24 Mar, 2009

    Etsy is truly a place for one of a kind pieces that are made with such care and craftsmanship that you cannot find anywhere else! I am proud to be a part of such a lovely community on etsy. Please visit my shop Red Heart 13

  • OriginalFancyGirl 4 Jan, 2009

    I'm an Etsy crafter and love what I do. Rob is such an inspiration and it's hard to believe he ever had his mouth washed out with soap!

    Fancy Girl

  • sewcreativebysara 21 Dec, 2008

    I love Etsy, too. it's great that Martha has featured Etsy on her show. I opened a shop to sell my totes and purses. It has been a great experience. Etsy is the perfect place to open a (very) small home-based business.

  • TBright 25 Nov, 2008

    I just wanted to say Thank you to Martha Stewart and team for enlightening us (your loyal viewers) about It has been a dream of mine to sell my art and you have inspired me to open my own shop!
    Thanks again!
    Teresa Bright

  • HollyIllustration 6 Nov, 2008

    Thanks so much for this article Marth Stewart! I would not have discovered any of these wonderful stores without this fun feature. I am a fashion and beauty illustrator and it inspired me to open my own store!

  • darlenescreations 26 Oct, 2008

    I first learned about Etsy on the Martha Stewart show and just started listing my scrapbook pages and piecings on Etsy last week. In less than 24 hours I sold the first 3 sets I listed and so I listed 30 more items and have sold 15 of them. Thank you Marth for supporting Etsy and all of us crafty people.
    Darlene Brown

  • SouthernCreations 17 Sep, 2008

    I joined Etsy a little over a week ago after seeing an Etsy artist featured on The Martha Stewart Show. Although I have yet to make a sale, I have found a great community wih tons of artist that respect and support each other. Thanks, Martha for getting the word about Etsy out and for supporting this great site and the artists who have shops there!!

  • IronOakForge 19 Aug, 2008

    It's great that Martha is supporting so many talented crafters and artisans. Etsy is a great community to be in. Thanks !!!

  • IronOakForge 19 Aug, 2008

    It's great to see Martha supporting all of these talented crafters and artisans. Etsy is a great community and everyone should have a look sooner or later.

  • sweetlollipopshop 31 Jul, 2008

    Etsy is a fabulous website full of talented and friendly individuals that make fabulous creations and products. It is so good to see them featured on Martha Stewart!

  • MAKUstudio 5 Jul, 2008

    Thank you for featuring Etsy on your show! I love Etsy! It has given me the opportunity to be creative and grow as an artist, crafter and entrepreneur!

  • tagisa 25 Jun, 2008

    Etsy is a wonderful place! I love knowing that items sold there are made with care. Also, that the sellers are the ones being rewarded for their labor.

  • angelbabes 15 Jun, 2008

    I LOVE Etsy. One of my favorite pastimes is browsing all of the handmade goodies on Etsy. My business is booming thanks to Etsy. Take the handmade pledge!

  • Beadlam 23 Mar, 2008

    I agree, Elena! Etsy, and the new, are wonderful showcases and shopping venues for handcrafted items. And thanks to Martha Stewart for helping to get the word out! The entrepreneurial spirit and community is out there.

  • Elena_01 15 Mar, 2008

    I love etsy too. That's where I list my knitting creations. I have a 2nd store where I sell my products on ( Sites like etsy and iCraft make it so easy to showcase my unique, handmade products!

  • lostriverrags 11 Mar, 2008

    We have been selling our Goats Milk Soaps

  • HappyHouseQuilts 8 Mar, 2008

    Etsy is amazing to allow this SAHM a community, creative outlet and opportunity to share items with the public!!! Thanks so much to Martha and her staff for the support for all things handmade...they are such good things!!!

  • sonya_on_etsy 7 Mar, 2008

    Thanks for having the great segment about Etsy on your show!! I joined the site within a day or 2 of its launching

  • susansboutique 7 Mar, 2008

    Thank you for featuring Etsy on your show! I have been creating jewelry and selling for years but I am new to this fabulous community of Etsy. I was so thrilled to see the founder and learn a bit more about this great marketplace. You are helping bring success to entrepreneurs everywhere! See my creations at

  • time2cre8 7 Mar, 2008

    Etsy's wonderful! Thanks very much for featuring it on the show. I've been a seller on the site since July 2006 (, and I love it. I'm co-moderator of the Etsy BeadWeavers Street Team, and Etsy has given me the chance to meet and become friends with people all over the world! :-)

  • cmaille 6 Mar, 2008

    [here's the end of my comment, which didn't make it below...] AND kudos to all the buyers and sellers on Etsy that make it such a fantastic site. Sincerely, cMaille, crafter of sterling silver chain maille jewelry:

  • cmaille 6 Mar, 2008

    That Rob and the other dedicated Etsy staff have created a successful company from scratch to help crafters become entrepreneurs is amazing in itself. That Etsy is being recognized by international names like Martha Stewart is beyond amazing. Kudos to Rob

  • eliteelishi 6 Mar, 2008

    Thank you ETSY for giving us the channel and exposure

  • hulabeach 6 Mar, 2008

    Hi Martha...I'm such a huge fan. Thanks for giving Etsy the exposure it deserves. If anyone needs a little sunshine, please visit me at

  • fivetrees 6 Mar, 2008

    I'm so proud to be a member of Etsy and it was great to see Kalin on your show! It's a very supportive community and nothing beats supporting your local and/or independent artisans. Thanks for sharing us with millions of viewers. Amy

  • LittleBrownBird 6 Mar, 2008

    It's so great to see Etsy on Martha Stewart. The talent and diversity on Etsy is amazing! Support independant artists, BUY HANDMADE!

  • fambee 5 Mar, 2008

    Thank you so much for featuring Etsy on your show! This is well deserved recognition to all those artisans and artists on Etsy who offer something that has become somewhat lost in our society - the handmade. Heather

  • fambee 5 Mar, 2008

    Thank you so much for featuring Etsy on your show! This is well deserved recognition to all those artisans and artists on Etsy who offer something that has become somewhat lost in our society - the handmade. Heather

  • ChellasCollection 5 Mar, 2008

    If you want unique and original, you must check out
    I love it and and found nothing else like it. The quality of artists and crafters is excellent. Of course, they all must be professional marketers, photographers etc. as well! So-all involved are very well rounded. I've made jewelry and art collage for years and my webpage is at
    Thank you Martha for your support.

  • nancymcnally 5 Mar, 2008

    Thank you Martha for showcasing Etsy. I joined a street team on Etsy a year ago, the California Crafters Club of Etsy, CCCOE. The love and support of my street team has been a blessing many times over. Our team is the essence of diversity. We all love Martha in tandem. CCCOE is comprised of all ages, one passionate artist is a nine year old girl, and the team includes a few men but for the most part women are dominant within our digital neighborhood.
    Thank you !

  • quiltdee 4 Mar, 2008

    Thanks Martha, I have already sold items in my etsy store because of you show.
    Check out my stuff at
    I joined etsy in Sept of '07. I sell heirloom quality photo quilts and pillows and also custom made handsewn items from my own designs. While ebay is a flea market etsy is truly a place for crafters who sell many one of a kind items.
    Thanks again Martha

  • beck3306 4 Mar, 2008

    I love etsy, and it's so exciting to see it getting more exposure! Etsy is an amazing site that makes it so easy to buy and sell one of a kind, handcrafted items. Check out my jewelry shop at

  • clovergurl1487 4 Mar, 2008

    I am glad to see Etsy has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show! Etsy is such a great place to sell all kinds of handcrafted goodies, and they are so reasonable in their fees for listing, etc. I am a seller on Etsy, and I can't help but browse and buy every so often as well! There are so many talented crafters with so many neat and unique products. Thanks Martha and thanks Etsy! -Rachel

  • gerrianne 4 Mar, 2008

    I love Etsy - you know you are getting the best hand-crafted items in the U.S.A.!! Come visit me on etsy at

  • forester21 3 Mar, 2008

    I love going to Art Shows - Etsy is an Art show on the internet! Thank you for featuring the site - Theresa

  • vintagebliss 3 Mar, 2008

    I discovered Etsy a year ago and have been buying and selling ever since. The crazy thing is that I sell more from my etsy shop than I do from my own website and I have had the website longer! This was such a perfect idea! Love etsy!

  • JTstitches 3 Mar, 2008

    I love! Etsy is were all the most creative

  • art2theextreme 2 Mar, 2008

    I was so excited to see Etsy on Martha Stewart! I joined Etsy back in November and have not bought a single present or gift elsewhere since (why would you?!)! There are so many tallented craftsmen and women on this site and I encourage every single person to try out this site as a buyer or seller. Great things are happening! Thank you again!


  • paintedkreations 2 Mar, 2008

    I just joined etsy last month and am excited about the exposure it is getting. I'm part of Old Farmhouse Gathering (OFG), and looking forward to the friends I am and will be making...........sales would be good, too! Check out our group, and my shop......

  • theglasschickadee 2 Mar, 2008

    How exciting to have Etsy and these artists featured on the show!
    Etsy has given me the chance to pursue my dreams of continuing my work as a glass artist and jewelry designer while staying home to raise my children. Etsy is truly a cutting edge website and I'm continually amazed by the talent there!

  • nancyrosetta 1 Mar, 2008

    I loved the feature on Etsy. Thank you so much Martha. I hope this opens up the mind of the general public to buy more handmade items and support the artists who make them.

  • aymelynn 1 Mar, 2008

    Yeah!! I am so happy Etsy was featured on the show! It is a wonderful place to buy and sell handmade. I have started selling there myself and I just love the people I have met so far! Ayme

  • jeanneluddeni 1 Mar, 2008

    I have been buying from for a while now I love anything handmade and from people who like to try something once I love the monsters from MINTCONSPIRACY her animals are great go to etsy and try and buy wonderful guys keep up the good work thanks Martha

  • aplanetnamedjanet 1 Mar, 2008

    It is great to see Etsy get some media coverage. Great job!

  • craftsfromtheheart 1 Mar, 2008

    Thank you so much Martha and crew for showcasing etsy on your show today. I am very glad to be a part of this community. There are so many creative people on etsy who are passionate about what they do. Like you Martha many are willing to share their techniques and help anyone who needs it.
    Thank you for being an inspiration to us Martha. You prove a working woman can also be "crafty".

  • craftsfromtheheart 1 Mar, 2008

    Thank you so much for recognizing us Martha. You have been the inspiration for many of us! In an age when so many items are disposable you make it okay to create our own heirlooms and to always use quality over cheap items.
    I have a shop on etsy and would love to have your viewers come and visit and leave comments.

  • shoertikake 1 Mar, 2008

    Etsy is a godsend for all of us. I promise your'e gonna love it there. A friend and I have formed a new team on Etsy called OldFarmhouse Gathering. Type in OFG to take a walk back through yesteryear into the old primitive days. Were growing and strong!

  • artgirlx 1 Mar, 2008

    Congratulations to the excellent artists featured on today's show! has a mind blowing amount of talent. A big thanks for having Rob showcase his site and these amazing creators!

  • CreationsbyUli 1 Mar, 2008

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my year and a half on Etsy and I continue on creating beautiful things, sharing those things with the world and enjoying the company of so many other very talented artists on Etsy. Uli at

  • Charsbeads4u 29 Feb, 2008

    We have a wonderful group of artist on Etsy! My Avatar shows a sample of what I enjoy making! =) Etsy is the greatest place in the world to shop! Love the artist!!! =)

  • jkldesign 29 Feb, 2008

    I joined Etsy a few months back to sell and fell in love with the endless creativity you can find daily. So much inspiration, gift ideas and so many wonderful things for yourself. Thank you for the segment..

  • jkldesign 29 Feb, 2008

    I joined Etsy a few months back to sell and fell in love with the endless creativity you can find daily. So much inspiration, gift ideas and so many wonderful things for yourself. Thank you for the segment..

  • theca 29 Feb, 2008

    Etsy is a pure example of American(and international) creativity! What a wonderful showcase for handmade goods! I'm proud to sell my artwork, prints, banners, original artwork and more on this fantastic website. For an example, go to

  • willowcatstudio 29 Feb, 2008

    So wonderful of the show to feature the etsy site! I noticed the other day you had an etsy seller as well, showing us how to make puppy onesies! Wonderful show, everyday, not just today :)
    shamelessly i too an an etsy seller

  • XOHandworks 29 Feb, 2008

    Love Etsy!
    Love the Martha Stewart show!
    Handmade rocks!

  • canadianrockies 29 Feb, 2008

    Sorry! That should have read: - Canadian Rockies Art :-)

  • canadianrockies 29 Feb, 2008

    Etsy is my little Zen corner of the world. Not only have I met super talented artists that use all sorts of mediums, I've purchased some wonderful items and it gives me an opportunity to sell my own handcrafted jewelry, polymer clay creations, greeting cards, etc. Rob and all the Etsy Admin and Shop owners feel like one big family to me. Thank you VERY MUCH Martha for featuring Etsy, a place that brings me so much joy! Cheers!

  • StringMeAlong 29 Feb, 2008

    I always refer to etsy as the happiest place on earth. I also have a jewelry shop on etsy. The first thing I do in the morning, and the last think I do at night is look at the site. I have met some incredibly fabulous fellow crafters, while at the same time practicing my craft and expanding my business.
    Thank you, Martha, for featuring this happy little place on your show!

  • laalicia 29 Feb, 2008

    Etsy rocks! Thanks for featuring it today. Here's another fun ETSY site.

  • wildernessties 29 Feb, 2008

    I, too, love the Etsy site. Not only does it give me an opportunity to sell my items, it is a place I LOVE to shop as well. There are many talented artists selling their wares and you can get quality items at reasonable prices. Thank you, Martha, for sharing all the information with your viewers!

  • Sofia_Masri 29 Feb, 2008

    I was so excited to see this segment on the show today! I, too, am a seller on Etsy and I'm so grateful to have this platform from which to reach such a diverse audience. Thanks to everyone at the Martha show for the wonderful exposure!

  • Alesi 29 Feb, 2008

    I love etsy. Not only did it give me the opportunity to sell my handmade jewelry. It also comes with an amazing supportive community. Thank you Martha for featuring the website.

  • kjbremer 29 Feb, 2008

    Great show today! ETSY is awesome! Here's another fabulous ETSY site.