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Fragrant Houseplants

The Martha Stewart Show, June 2007

An easy-care houseplant whose aroma scent fills the air makes a wonderful addition to any room.

Scented Geranium, Pelargonium Species
-These shrubs are native to South Africa.

-The leaves are fragrant when brushed -- scents include rose, lemon, and spice.

-Place them in a bright, south-facing window, and don't forget to dry them between watering.

Sweet Olive, Osmanthus Fragrans
-This fragrant tea olive has been cultivated for centuries in China. Its flowers were often used as an offering to the gods.

-This small tree has tiny white flowers whose scent will envelop an entire room.

Gardenia, Gardenia Jasminoides
-This bush has roselike double flowers, and can grow up to 4 feet tall.

-Place in a south-facing window, and don't forget that gardenias love humid air and frequent misting.

Primrose, Primula Species
-These fruit-scented flowers bloom in late winter and come in many colors, including purple, yellow, and red.

-The primrose needs moist soil and bright but indirect sunlight -- near a window will do just fine.

Winter Jasmine, Jasminum Polyanthum
-This type of jasmine is intensely fragrant, and its pink buds flower in the winter.

-The polyanthum also needs moist soil and bright but indirect sunlight.

-Prune severely in late spring.

Star Jasmine, Jasminum Nitidum
-Star jasmine is the classic jasmine plant.

-Native to India, it is used frequently in teas and oils.

-Proper care includes full sunlight in a south-facing window.

Citrus Plants
-These lemon, orange, and lime plants have fragrant blooms that are eventually replaced by fruit.

-They need about four hours of sunlight per day.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Dennis Schrader of Land Craft Environments.

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