Sauteing Fish

Pan-sauteing is a favorite way to cook fillets of fish -- especially thin, delicate ones like trout, sole, or flounder. The fillets are quickly cooked in a hot saute pan in very hot fat, leaving them with a crisp exterior and moist flesh inside. Dusting the fillets with a light coating of flour before sauteing will help the fish develop a delicate crust. Nonstick skillets or well-seasoned cast-iron skillets work best for sauteing fish, and making sure that the oil is very hot before the fillets are added will further prevent sticking.

Thicker fish fillets are also good candidates for sauteing; they simply require longer cooking over a slightly lower heat to ensure that the fish will cook all the way through before the outside becomes too browned.

Our Favorite Sauteed Fish Recipes:

Panfried Trout with Lemon

Sole Grenobloise

Cod with Herbed White Wine Lemon Sauce

Blackened Red Snapper Fillets

Halibut with Puttanesca Sauce

Halibut with Lemon Sauce

Striped Bass with Ginger Lime Sauce



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