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Candy Cauldron




Even if your party guests don't have a sweet tooth, they'll be drawn to this bubbling candy display.


  • Twig wreath
  • Orange tissue paper
  • Shallow glass bowl
  • Holiday lights
  • Drill
  • One-gallon storage bucket
  • Lobster pot
  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • 1/2 pound dry ice chunks
  • Candy


  1. Step 1


    Set a twig wreath on an end table or other flat surface; if the sticks are tightly woven, pull at their ends so the wreath appears slightly disheveled. Tuck a sheet of orange tissue paper in its center, and place a shallow glass bowl on top. Set a strand of small holiday lights in bowl, letting the cord dangle out.

  2. Step 2

    Drill holes in the lid of a one-gallon storage bucket. Position the bucket in the center of a large lobster pot (about 20 quarts), and nestle newspaper around it.Remove lid from bucket; fill bucket two-thirds with water. Add 1/2 pound of dry ice chunks to the water. (Handle dry ice with care; it should not come into contact with bare skin.)

  3. Step 3

    Replace lid, and arrange wrapped candy on top. Place pot on top of bowl in wreath, and plug in lights. This display should be set up in a well-ventilated area. The "smoke" will flow for a half hour.

Martha Stewart Living, October 2006



Reviews (13)

  • Alanadiz 8 Oct, 2011

    Save Mart have dry ice! ;)

  • Sheryll 31 Oct, 2010

    None of my grocery stores/SuperWal-Mart or any others have dry ice, so good luck finding it .

  • toohotmama 13 Oct, 2010

    I make 'Eyeball Stew" for Halloween: I arrange a triangle of logs on my brick front steps. Inside the logs, I cluster a string of orange holiday lights (use the blinker for a crackling fire effect) and place a large plastic cauldron on the logs. Since dry ice is a pain to locate in my area, I fill the cauldron half full of water and then float a few bags of fresh cranberries and a few floating eye ball candles on the surface.

  • Llouie2 13 Oct, 2010

    Doesn't the candy freeze?

  • ericberry 2 Mar, 2009

    I used this at my mom's 50th birthday party as a center piece for the snack table instead of the dry ice I used one of the ultrasonic mister/foggers. This way you get a steady stream of fog and you don't have to watch the cauldron all night long

  • getagirl 24 Oct, 2008

    Hum...couldn't you use a few orange glow sticks instead of having a cord sticking out? Or would the glow sticks maybe not bright enough? I think you can even use a thin orange clear plastic sheet crumpled up instead of the orange tissue paper.

  • vltsunflower 6 Oct, 2008

    I did something similar to this a few years back for a halloween party. I had this large wooden coffin that my father built. I put two large tubs inside the coffin

  • wendyejustice 6 Oct, 2008

    My supermarket has it near the front of the store under lock and key. You may need to ask!

  • MeridithC 29 Sep, 2008

    any supermarket will have it

  • 123Karamcg 28 Sep, 2008

    Where do you get dry ice?

  • thespicychef 28 Sep, 2008

    Okay, guess I'm new at this. I'm very confused. Is the bucket inside the pot in an upright position? Is the lid poked full of holes and then the candy is directly on that? Help!?? I'd really love to try this one. But still not quite sure where to start. I'm really into cooking, but when it comes to crafts I'm a bit lost. Thanks.

  • javadiva 12 Sep, 2008

    what a fantasic idea. Martha at her best!

  • RubyEdge 7 Aug, 2008

    OH! I love this! I would have never thought of the wreath underneath for the fire effect. Thanks for the idea!