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Paper Cones

Martha Stewart Living, Volume 35 December/January 1995/1996

In Victorian times, paper cones like these were filled with fruits and nuts. Made from patterned and textured paper, these modern versions are trimmed with rickrack and vintage silver tassels, and hung with ribbons and beaded wire. Brimming with sweets, the cones make wonderful little gifts or party favors.

Decorative paper; wire; silver beads; wired tinsel; rickrack or other trim; compass; scissors or utility knife, craft glue; ribbon; beads; 1/8-inch hole punch; needle and thread.

1. Cut paper into a 3-, 4-, or 5-inch square; place face down on a flat surface.

2. Place compass point at one corner of the square; extend its arm to an adjacent corner. Drag the pencil across the square to form an arc; cut along arc with scissors or a utility knife. The result will be fan-shaped (below, center).

3. Overlap the straight sides of the paper and attach them with a thin coat of craft glue. Use a paper clip to hold the seam together while the glue dries (below, right).

4. Decorate the top with wired tinsel, silver rickrack, or other trim. Cut a length of trim long enough to fit around the top of the cone; glue it onto the inside or outside of rim, beginning at the seam. If using rickrack, position it halfway inside the rim so it has a scalloped effect from the outside.

5. To fasten a bead at the point of the cone, pull a threaded needle (with thread knotted at end) through the bead and the hole in the bottom of the cone until the bead is positioned snugly at the point. Pull string taut inside the cone, tape string to inside wall, and trim.

6. To attach a handle, punch holes with a 1/8-inch hole punch in opposite sides of the cone, approximately 3/8 inch from rim. String ribbon or beaded wire through holes. Secure ribbon ends with knots; curl wire ends.

Comments (5)

  • redwine48 21 Feb, 2011

    I used to make these for May Day, and put flowers in them and hung them on the doors of our neighbors as a present. We would hang them and knock on the door and run away as fast as we could. Of course they always knew who had made them and my Grandmother always got lots of calls about her "rascally" granddaughters. I think we gave them to every house between my Grandmother's and school. It was a lot of fun, but kids today just doesn't understand things like that.

  • Elephantcloud 20 Dec, 2008

    I used antique Victorian gift wrap to make mine and velvet ribbons... Looks so lovely on the tree and is very popular with recipients!

  • drewsmom0430 3 Nov, 2008

    i made these for my tree this yr, they are so cute, i made an all candy christmas tree, all real candy, i made the cones and filled them with candy. i wish i could post a picture of it here. the kids will be so happy.

  • Lacebug1 18 Jun, 2008

    I was thinking of using this idea for my toddler's party in the summer.. you could fill it with popcorn or some mini pretzels.. very cute!

  • mis_cue 3 Mar, 2008

    i think this is a great way to deliver any kind of small gift! i can see them as favors, birthday presents, christmas goodies, etc...