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Dress with Braided Fabric Straps

Created By: Victoria Pearson




Braid colorful strips of fabric to make a bright detail for a dress. It's also a colorful alternative to replacing a drawstring.


  • 3 strips of 2-inch-wide cotton fabric
  • Safety pin
  • Dress with drawstring channel (we used a Normandy dress from


  1. Step 1

    Cut or rip 3 strips of 2-inch-wide fabric.

  2. Step 2

    Knot the ends, and braid.

  3. Step 3

    Fasten loose ends with a safety pin, and thread through a drawstring channel.

  4. Step 4

    Remove pin; knot ends.

Martha Stewart Living, August 2010



Reviews (6)

  • kluvstosew 26 May, 2013

    this would work for the now popular pillow case dress. I'm sure you could find the pattern for this on the net. I just use a piece of fabric instead of a pillow case. I also think it would be a good strap for a jean purse.

  • Minna 16 May, 2012

    I thought this would be a basic dress tutorial and then you would add the braided straps. I all ready know how to braid and replace straps, I was looking for an easy dress pattern. Thanks, it's cute!

  • bsavelyev 7 Jul, 2011

    I'm with MicheleLee. I was very disappointed to see that this craft was entitled 'Make a dress' with braided fabric straps. I was really hoping for a cute and basic pattern for the dress. The braided strap is cute but kind of a no-braineras to how to do that part. If the other two ladies that commented wouldn't mind sharing any other ideas and patterns I would welcome that. I have a hard time thinking out of the box.

  • MicheleLee 6 Jul, 2011

    Yeah, Martha, sure I am really gonna buy a $160 dress for a little girl. Then have to replace the straps, yup. Dry clean only too for a 6yr old. I would love it if the staff at MSL would at least pretend to think like "us". People who make crafts from scratch don't spend ridiculous amounts on shmattas.

  • jewelangel 5 Jul, 2011

    I too thought this was going to be a simple sewing project with 2 tea towels - if the child is small enough that is. You could use the linen type towels for a dress and the terry towels for after swim... anyway thanks for the inspiration Martha!

  • SuzySaver 5 Jul, 2011

    What a cute idea! Braided straps could also be attached to any strapless dress made for example with two towels stiched together with elastic enclosed at the top edge. It could be a nightie or beach coverup. I certainly wouldn't think of purcasing the recommended dress that would cost $160.
    This DIY project would be cuter using one's own fabric and attaching the braided straps.
    A 4-H sewer from "way back" :)