Glittered Acorn Ornament Box

Glittered Acorn Ornament Box
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Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2007


This glittered acorn box is a charming and clever way to package holiday gifts -- and it makes a lovely tree ornament.


  • Acorn ornament boxes

  • Painters' tape

  • Martha Stewart craft glue

  • Martha Stewart glitter

  • Angel hair, tinsel, or shredded newspaper


  1. Using painters' tape, tape around the inside edges of the acorn ornament boxes to avoid excess glue and glitter.

  2. Apply craft glue to acorn cap. Glitter the acorn box, beginning with the cap of the acorn first. Then glitter body of acorn. Let dry.

  3. Place angel hair into box; you can also use tinsel or shredded newspaper. Place Felted Acorn Pendant and Pin in box.


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