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Bottle Beauty

Martha Stewart Living, July 2006

Bars and buffet tables must be adequately lighted, but they're often located far from electrical outlets. An easy, inexpensive solution is to gather clear apothecary bottles and fill them with lamp oil and wicks. Arrange the bottles under a large hurricane for protection; we set these on a sturdy glass cake stand (make sure the bottles are evenly balanced on the stand).


Comments (12)

  • 4 Mar, 2014

    I bought a glass vase which is closed on one end. Can I use it for this purpose?. Do I still need the cake plate or can I place the vase with the bottles inside directly on my tablecloth?

  • 17 Oct, 2012

    I understand the workings. But what keeps the wick from dropping inside the bottle?

  • 3 Jul, 2012

    @EdensEvolution - Hurricane glasses are open on both ends.

  • 16 May, 2012

    With no air getting inside, wouldn't the candles go out with an inverted hurricane?

  • 15 May, 2012

    I wouldn't bother with the oil and wicks; just use an assortment of candles held in place with the little adhesive "buttons" designed for candles. You could also try a hurricane or trifle dish instead of the separate stand and hurricane.

  • 14 May, 2012

    Would it be dangerous to use wine bottles?

  • 14 May, 2012

    Does anyone know where to find the large hurricane? I've looked everywhere.

  • 13 May, 2012

    susanphila - wouldn't it be nice if important information like that was included? Some people just stuff a length of wick into the bottle so that the top of the wick protrudes for lighting. But this can be dangerous since the flame heat can make the bottle break. You can get both glass tube and ceramic wick holders at Look in the Candle Making Accessories section. Hope that helps.

  • 13 May, 2012

    It would be helpful to know what MS recommends for holding up the wick/covers the top of the apoth jars ...

  • 2 Aug, 2008

    Hey Jimmyssugar - Would that article that you "clipped" out happen to explain how to make the oil lanterns in particular the stopper that holds the wick in place? Also where to get the hurricane lantern from? Thought it would be really cool as the centerpiece for our wedding that's coming up but can't find any information ANYWHERE!

  • 17 Jun, 2008

    Where can I find THIS glass hurrican shade? I love it!

  • 21 Feb, 2008

    This is a fantastic idea! I actually saw this in MSL Mag a couple of years ago and clipped the page to keep. Great for outdoor entertaining. Also a great way to bring a nautical feel to indoor decorating when that style of hurricane is used.