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Raffia Throw Rug




Work gently with the raffia to prevent any fraying or breakage.


  • Grass mat
  • Raffia in 3 shades
  • Disappearing-ink fabric pen
  • Large-eyed needle


  1. Step 1

    Start with a grass mat and raffia in 3 shades. Download the template for the palm fronds. (Enlarge template to fit the size of your rug. Follow our pattern or arrange leaves as desired.)

  2. Step 2

    Using a disappearing-ink fabric pen, trace templates onto rug where desired; draw a straight line down middle of each leaf. Thread a large-eyed needle with raffia in desired color, knotting it before embroidering design using a fish-bone stitch.

  3. Step 3


    The very first stitch (point A to B) should be about 1 inch long, to create the top point of the leaf. Stitches that follow should be about 1/2 inch apart. [See image 2 above.]

  4. Step 4

    Draw needle up through A, then down through B.

  5. Step 5

    Draw needle up through C, which should be 1/2 inch to the left of A. Draw needle down through D, which should be 1/2 inch to the right of A, creating a loop.

  6. Step 6

    Draw needle up through B, inside loop; this will be your new point A. Draw needle down, outside of loop and 1/2 inch from A on center line; this will be your new point B.

  7. Step 7

    Repeat steps 4 and 5, moving C and D 1/2 inch forward along edges of leaf each time. Leave space at the end for a stem.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2008



Reviews (22)

  • mariavb 10 Jun, 2010

    where does one buy grass mats? in boston, ma area?

  • tica 23 Feb, 2010

    There are no directions given altho mslo_tiffany says they have been fixed

  • patriciasart 1 Apr, 2009

    I think it would be cool to make a bunch of this and stitch them together to make an area rug.

  • MSLO_tiffany 11 Sep, 2008

    The steps have now been fixed -- we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

  • lilysnana55 13 Jul, 2008

    step 3 is step one of the stitch instructions, then step 4 is step two, etc. The numbering got a little confused. You will repeat steps 2 and 3 of the stitch instructions until you have al eaf you like.

  • lilysnana55 13 Jul, 2008

    step 3 is step one of the stitch instructions, then step 4 is step two, etc. The numbering got a little confused. You will repeat steps 2 and 3 of the stitch instructions until you have al eaf you like.

  • luvjudi 13 Jul, 2008

    Was there a step 5?

  • ralsma 11 Jul, 2008

    It sounds like a great craft idea, nice to be able to take something simple and add your own beauty. I don't know why the other "contributors" are so down on it, seems if someone is kind enough to think of a nice idea and wants to share it with you, the only response should be "Thank you". Just a thought.

  • photophil 10 Jul, 2008

    I would rather have stencils to paint on the pattern, (or patterns?)

  • 24dash7 10 Jul, 2008

    you must mean "How to paint a embellish a Raffia Rug"

  • kelsker 10 Jul, 2008

    thought this was a raffia rug craft. Should have been titled "if you can find a grass mat, here's how to embellish it!"

  • Ocean3 10 Jul, 2008

    Finding the rug will be the issue for me. I like the pattern and idea.

  • surlybroad 10 Jul, 2008

    I agree that the title of this project was deceiving. I clicked on it specifically because I wanted directions for making a rafia rug. I hate when that happens!

  • dottikins 10 Jul, 2008

    I, too, thought it was a pattern for the rug! Glad I'm not the only one who missed the boat! I do like the leaf pattern, though. I think that could be useful in other uses--I'm thinking about a canvas tote bag embroidered with the palm fronds. Anyone else think that would work? Thanks, Martha!

  • GrNana 10 Jul, 2008

    Yes, I thought so too, that dirctions for making the rug is the main idea. I will check IKEA.

  • ezythere 10 Jul, 2008

    You can purchase colored raffia at Michaels, JoAnn's, Ben Franklin, etc. They come wrapped in bundles, much like yarn, except it's not one continuous strand; there are many, many strands in a bundle.

  • Minnesotaceejay 10 Jul, 2008

    I think IKEA has some natural grass mats that would work. I'm wondering where to find the rafia in different colors?

  • Jazzy44 10 Jul, 2008

    I thought they were going to tell us how to make the whole rug! That would be fun!

  • pelican66 10 Jul, 2008

    shoot. i thought this was going to be how to *make* a raffia rug lol..

  • penguin_palace 22 Jun, 2008

    I would look for grass mats someplace with imported goods, such as Pier One or Cost Plus.

  • hulagirl9 22 Jun, 2008

    I too am looking for a grass mat - is there a place online where I can purchase one?

  • lmsommer 4 Jun, 2008

    I love this idea, but cannot find a grass mat. Any suggestions as to where I can find one? I have looked in Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath, Target, etc. Ideas?