Garlic 101

The Martha Stewart Show, November 2007

When garlic is cut, chopped, or smashed, a chemical reaction occurs and allicin if formed. Allicin is known to strengthen our immune systems, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and help prevent blood clots. Garlic can easily be grown in your backyard, and fall is the best time to plant it.

Types of Garlic
- California early and late
- Oregon Blue
- Red Toch
- Susanville

- Chesnok
- Keeper
- Siberian
- Music

Braiding Garlic How To
1. Moisten stems with water.

2. Start with two bulbs crossed over each other; continue to add garlic to the middle, then to both sides, then back to the middle, etc.

3. When adding each bulb of garlic, make sure the stem is placed in the middle of the braid.

4. When tying in the garlic with the outside stems, always finish with the stem in the center.

Special thanks to Christopher Ranch for giving our studio audience a jar of organic garlic and a bag of garlic bulbs for planting. For more information on the Christopher Ranch and Gilroy Garlic Festival, visit Special thanks to Hood River Garlic for supplying the garlic used on today's show. To purchase garlic, visit



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