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Organizing Belts Guide

Martha Stewart Living, November 1999

Like anything else, belts should be stored in such a way that they are neat and accessible.

If you like keeping your belts in your dresser, you may just need to buy some drawer dividers or shallow, smaller boxes, to compartmentalize the space. Then you can loosely coil your belts and put them into the containers in a single layer; they won't have room to spring to life. The boxes can also be kept on a closet shelf.

The other alternative is to hang the belts from hooks -- the back of the closet door or a closet wall is the perfect place for this. If a garment comes with its own belt, it is best to remove it before you hang up the garment, otherwise the belt could pull the fabric out of shape.

Comments (8)

  • ziadebi 19 Nov, 2010

    I use a system very similiar except using a rod from IKEA sold for kitchen wall storage, with a container that hooks on to hold belt buckles. These rods come as long as 48". The best of this is that belts are easy to see and you only need to remove the one you want and S hooks fit through belt holes if buckles won't hold. Love it!

  • solanamama 19 Nov, 2010

    I bought a towel bar and those "S" shaped hooks you use in the kitchen. I simply hooked the S hooks over the bar and hang my belts on the other end. Cool looking and tidy!

  • Esloat 20 Sep, 2010

    I use large binder rings to hang from a rod in my closet. One ring for brown, black, special styles. It makes it very easy to get off the belts without having to take others off and easy to put away which is success in my mind when it comes to organization.

  • gigglez82 8 Nov, 2008

    I use a hanging neck tie organizer to organize my belts. It has a hanger on the top and four hooks attached and the whole thing swivels, even while hanging. I just hang my belts on that, more than one can fit on one hook, and I hang it at the end of the rod in my closet that way all my belts are in one spot and tada I can pick out any belt and spin it around to see them all.

  • MsTee 7 Nov, 2008

    I always store my outfit specific belts on the hanger with the dress, skirt, or slacks they go with. Just slip the buckle over the hook and let the belt hang down inside the dress or along the length of slacks or skirts. Universal worn belts hang on hooks on the back of my closet door with ends tucked behind a length of elastic I attached by each end across the door about two thirds down their length They don't swing about and no worries about door scratches from emblishments or metal tips.

  • sleepytimegal 7 Nov, 2008

    I hung one of those clear pocketed organizers ( like the kind for shoes) on the wall of my closet and one coiled belt in each pocket. I can see them all at once and they're out of the way.

  • MinnieMahoney 7 Nov, 2008

    If a garment comes with its own belt, slide the buckle over the top of the hanger, so that both are kept together.

  • PinkGranny 7 Nov, 2008

    I have an accordian-folding rack hanging on the wall inside my closet. I hang the belts on the hooks and it is easy to reach in and get the belt I want to wear.