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Printable Planners

Comments (25)

  • 29 Jan, 2014

    Great planners, however it would be nice to see one for Family, work, etc. Reunions.

  • 18 Oct, 2012

    @beebop maybe this?

  • 26 Sep, 2010

    DIY wedding invitations are the best way to express yourself, to use your creativity and give unique touch and to get maximum value for the minimum price.

    Printable Wedding Invitations

  • 9 Apr, 2010

    I would like to see a "Company is Coming for the weekend" planner.

  • 4 Dec, 2009

    Emmalee, you can find the directions for the calendar shown in the photo here: Enjoy!

  • 14 Jul, 2009

    I am interested in a family reunion planner!

  • 13 Jul, 2009

    Hoping someone can tell me how she made the month of May calender above in the photo. It looks like it's on vellum paper.

  • 13 Jul, 2009

    I would love a 'hosting a shower' planner!

  • 12 Jul, 2009

    You need address pages for planners. Ones that one can type on and then print it.

  • 11 Jul, 2009

    What about a freezer planner and a menu planner

  • 7 Jan, 2009

    Bug32 please look at the following and click on This year, we're helping you keep your promises. Print our Resolutions Planner for organizing ideas, tips on healthy living, a handy birthday reminder chart, and more.

    CLIICK HERE Print our Resolutions Planner and you will get what you are looking for.
    Take care,

  • 5 Jan, 2009

    Hey Cindy- I wasn't able to either. Try saving it and then opening from there, that worked for me. Good luck!

  • 5 Jan, 2009

    I have Adobe Acrobat version 9 and still cannot open the planners. Are they available in another format?

  • 5 Jan, 2009

    Where is a healthy financial planner. I need help!

  • 3 Jan, 2009

    Wow!!! Thanks Martha!!!

  • 2 Jan, 2009

    Martha and crew the planning forms, and list is so appreciated. The presentation on each of them is outstanding, colorful and unique.
    Later I may begin a new home business and some of these list will come in handy. Again, you all have out- done yourselves. God Bless

  • 2 Jan, 2009

    I LOVE this list!

  • 1 Jan, 2009

    Wow, what a great list! A definite keeper. Is there a planner for graduation parties?

  • 1 Jan, 2009

    These were the most helpful planners I have ever seen. I saved them to my favorites in a Martha Stewart folder, highlighted and saved for future use as I might need them. Thank you for such complete and fun planners.

  • 1 Jan, 2009

    Have you checked out the Wedding section (4th link at top of page)? It may have what you're looking for.

  • 10 Nov, 2008

    I make a bride book for each of my friends getting married and always include Martha's 8-page wedding planner guide. Does it still exist and if so, do you know where can I find it?

  • 5 Nov, 2008

    I love the Wedding Workbook. With so many details for a Bride to remeber it is so great to have it all organized on paper. Thanks Martha for your wonderful ideas.

  • 15 Jul, 2008

    Does anybody know where to find the registry planner that was in Martha Stewart Weddings in 2002 or 2003? It had drawings of all of the cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, flatware, etc. that a couple should register for if they are getting married.

  • 6 Mar, 2008

    I love these ! They help me out so much on soo many levels! Thank you!

  • 26 Feb, 2008

    These planners and checklists are great. I wish there were how-to ideas on house moving: packing, organization, cleaning, etc. Any suggestions?