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Web-Exclusive Interview with Etsy

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2008

Twenty-seven-year-old Rob Kalin took a leap of faith in 2005 when he founded the website, a Brooklyn-based online marketplace for all things handmade. In just three years, he has seen some remarkable results from his hard work and dedication: Since Etsy's launch, it has gained more than 750,000 members and currently has about 100,000 sellers from around the world that have opened up Etsy shops. On a given day, 15,000 items are sold and 20,000 new items are listed. Watch this exclusive video that gives the inside scoop on the creation of, how people can get involved, and some of the success stories behind the company.

Comments (30)

  • alejandracc 25 Jan, 2011

    Hello Martha and Martha's team, I saw the etsy show and after that I starting thingking on opening an etsy shop, finally I did it!!! On june 2010 I opened my jewelry shop. I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me and it is an adventure, so thank you

  • ArtisticWill 3 Nov, 2010

    Thank you Martha Stewart for making your readers aware of the wonderful world of Etsy. It's a great place to meet other artisans and crafters. You can find unique creations to fit any budget. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting. I have a shop on Etsy, selling hand-painted glitter artwork. Thanks for the spotlight.
    ArtisticWill Studios

  • Burkie 16 Dec, 2008

    Thanks, Martha. I have 2 shops on, "" and "". I also have sold on E Bay, prefer Etsy. I also check the archives on Martha's website for great info on just about everything. Happy Holidays to all. Burkie

  • TBright 24 Nov, 2008

    I just wanted to say Thank you to Martha Stewart and team for enlightening us (your loyal viewers) about It has been a dream of mine to sell my art and you have inspired me to open my own shop!
    Thanks again!
    Teresa Bright

  • willowmoonspiritetsy 8 Nov, 2008

    Thank you SO much for spotlighting! I am a proud buyer and seller on ETSY and love that it is not only a great place for artists to sell thier goods - but it's a wonderful community for artists as well as buyers. I highly recommend the site to anyone, as there truly is something for everyone!

    Thanks again!
    Juliea P.

  • TheHoleThing 17 Jul, 2008

    It's so good to see Etsy in the Martha limelight. Keep it up everyone !

  • tefi 9 Apr, 2008

    Uh...I meant "now." Duh.

  • tefi 9 Apr, 2008

    Aha! This is a great video. It figures that Fellini was involved.

    As the founder and leader of Etsy Dallas, the official Etsy team for the metroplex, I love that I know have an answer to the ever-ubiquitous question: "Um, so what does Etsy mean, anyway?"

    "I dunno" was never much of a "leader-y" type answer.

    Yours In Craft,

  • pjjammers 21 Mar, 2008

    I just joined Etsy in February, I love it. Martha has always promoted the handcrafted touch and Etsy fits right in with that. You put a little of yourself into everything you make. is my shop. Please take a look and look at all the other very talented artists there. Thanks again Martha

  • kittycrossbones 10 Mar, 2008

    Etsy is really awesome, and its great that Martha has taken the interested in some great Etsy exposure! is my shop! Please have a look!

  • summer62 7 Mar, 2008

    Thanks Martha for featuring Etsy on your show. I joined Etsy last year as both a buyer and a seller, and I love it! The people on Etsy are a unique bunch, and I mean that in a good way. The numbers of such talented artisans on Etsy is just amazing. Even though I have a store on Etsy, Buttons

  • mandabead 6 Mar, 2008

    THANK YOU etsy for providing a space for us artists to share our work and to for showcasing them.
    Mandabead Designs

  • metalouise 6 Mar, 2008

    I too have a shop on Etsy. Thank you for featuring the site on your show, a lot of beautiful items can be found there. Visit my shop at

  • LittleBrownBird 6 Mar, 2008

    I have always wanted a place where I could have the crative outlet that every artist needs. I just stumbled on to Etsy one day and it looked like the perfect place! I have been selling my handmade jewelry on Etsy now for about a year. Thanks Etsy!

  • ChellasCollection 5 Mar, 2008

    I've watched ETSY evolve over the last year and they have made amazing and monumental strides. I finally opened my shop in Feb. and am looking forward to a good home for my creativity. I've been around the block with selling in retail stores for years and many other venues, and this is the best concept so far.
    My shop is at If I can do it, you can to. You must decide that it is a business and promote. Thanks ETSY for all your hard work.

  • beck3306 4 Mar, 2008

    I love etsy! It's an amazing site that's allowed me to put myself through school by selling handcrafted one of a kind jewelry, made from mostly vintage components. Check out my shop at

  • sixhours 4 Mar, 2008

    Lots of love for Etsy here! Great feature! I've had good luck selling prints of my photographs and illustrations- and

  • madhelmeteer 2 Mar, 2008

    Yahoo for Etsy! Etsy is allowing me to showcase my wares so that I can be home with my boys. Oh, the neat stuff you can find on the site...a great place to do your shopping to find unique gifts. Get started by visiting me!

  • theglasschickadee 2 Mar, 2008

    How exciting for Etsy to have this opportunity on Martha Stewart!
    Etsy has definitely helped in giving me the chance to succeed as a glass artist and jewelry designer while staying home to raise my children. Etsy truly is a wonderful place to find amazing pieces of fine art and crafts. I'm continually amazed by the talent there. Start off by taking a peek at my shop!

  • mgolden 2 Mar, 2008

    Thanks for featuring Etsy on your show. I visited the site after viewing your show and opened up my shop. I am so excited to have this platform to sell my jewelry.

  • nancymcnally 1 Mar, 2008

    Critical crossroads moment for Etsy yesterday and the interlude with your hosting Etsy. My unofficial Etsy nickname is the Etsy Whisperer and my official etsy name is A world of wonders from 100 thousand crafters from all around the world is waiting to be discovered by so many who will love Etsy when they find out about it. Thanks so much. Especially for sharing your wealth of knowledge and skills faithfully for so many years.
    Kind regards from a long time fan, Nancy McNally from San Francisco

  • Sharlotte 1 Mar, 2008

    Thank you Martha for putting this segment about Etsy on your show. Etsy is the BEST! My items are paper crafts which are just starting to really grow on Etsy.

  • SBFO 1 Mar, 2008

    Thank you Martha and Etsy! I love my shop on Etsy. I make pre-made scrapbook pages that you just add your photos and journaling and the page is done. Visit my shop at Happy Scrapping, Vickie

  • sarahbethi 1 Mar, 2008

    thank you for the interview on! i hope more people will be aware of the amazing things etsy has to offer. etsy also has some adorable baby items like soft soled shoes, diaper bags, cloth diapers, handmade clothes and so much more! come see my shop at

  • primdorothy 1 Mar, 2008

    Thanks for the great piece on etsy. I make hand made primitives for everyday and holidays, visit my shop at To see a wide variety of awesome prims, just type in the initials OFG and search - you won't be disappointed.

  • craftsfromtheheart 1 Mar, 2008

    Thanks Martha and
    Come visit my shop at

  • shoertikake 1 Mar, 2008

    Etsy is a great place,, stop by my shop for handpainted country items,primitive items,all from yesteryear. chickens,bunnies,roses ect.. I promise your gonna love it here. Type in OFG intoa search for a new primitives group on Etsy. All items will come up.
    My shop is

  • scrubalicious 1 Mar, 2008

    Etsy also has many sellers that offer bath and body products such as, body scrubs, bath salts, soaps, lotions and more. Many of the sellers have opted to use only all natual, chemical free ingredients and are Vegan Friendly.

    I am a seller of all natural bath and body products on etsy, if you would like to check out my shop, i'm at

  • kjbremer 1 Mar, 2008

    Another fun ETSY seller!

  • theca 29 Feb, 2008

    Example of an etsy artist selling prints, banners, paintings and more: