Pansies and Violas

The Martha Stewart Show

General Information
- Pansies: under 8 inches tall with 5-petal blossoms (2 to 3 inches wide)
- Violas: smaller (blossoms 1 to 2 inches)
- Readily available and inexpensive
- Inexpensive centerpieces for Easter or Passover

History and Origins
- Pansy originates from French "pensee" (which means "thought")
- Victorians likened the flower to a human face (and as the blooms fade, it nods forward as if deep in thought)
- Modern pansy (Viola x wittrockiana) developed in early 1800s
- By mid-19th century, Europeans created hundreds of hybrids
- Victorian English gave them nicknames, such as Call-me-to-you, Love-true, Tickle-my-fancy, Jump-up-and-kiss-me, Love-in-idleness, Kiss-me-in-the-buttery, and Hearts-ease
- If you receive pansies, it means someone is thinking of you
- Great for pressing and using for crafts

Basket Arrangement
Pop pansies out and untangle roots. Line a basket with moss facing out. Group flowers tightly. Can hang this inside or outside.

Small Pot Centerpiece
Perfect for Easter or Passover centerpieces. Add soil to pots. Place pansies in groups in pots.

Caring for Pansies
Blooms last a month, then transplant to garden. Fertilize once per week with a standard fertilizer. Keep soil slightly damp but not soggy. Transplant to beds with well-drained, rich soil. Pansies love steady sun.


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