Weaving Ideas, Warm and Woolly

Martha Stewart Living, February 2006

The secret to all these crafts, including an array of tweedy, solid-colored, and checked designs, is a handheld loom.

Here, you'll find appealing projects that show off the looms' handiwork. Aside from a loom, the only materials needed are a weaving needle and yarn (or thread) in different colors and weights, an item for embellishing if you'd like), and basic sewing skills and tools to link one square to another or to attach squares to doll up an item. Weave pieces following the manufacturer's instructions and using that old over-and-under method. In a matter of minutes -- about twenty -- you'll have a small swatch, and soon another and another. Stitch the pieces together to create a cozy blanket, a warm winter scarf, or a fragrant sachet. There are numerous possibilities -- and they all begin in the palm of your hand.

Pattern Plan
Sweet Sachets
Patchwork Pillow
Purse Pouch
Tissue Box and Facecloth
Baby Booties & Play Block


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