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Laptop Case

To prevent notebook computer damage, fashion a case made from neoprene and velcro.




Notebook computers have become slim enough to slip nicely into an everyday bag. Still, they need protection against bangs and scrapes. Neoprene makes a cushioned, water-resistant wrap. Make a sleek case for your laptop with the instructions below.


  1. Step 1

    Measure your laptop, and cut the material using the guide below.

  2. Step 2

    Sew Velcro onto the long flaps. Do the same for the short flaps, leaving a 1-inch gap in the center of each band to avoid a bulge where Velcro crosses. Because neoprene does not fray, no hemming is required.

At Home with Technology, Special Issue Winter 2001



Reviews (22)

  • ddemoney 21 Nov, 2010

    I didn't see a color chart for the neoprene at canal rubber, but has some pretty colors and sells to individuals as well as companies.

  • ehlime 20 Nov, 2010

    Canal Rubber Supply sells neoprene and wet suit material. They are in New York City and ship all over the country. They have tons of foam and rubber for all kinds of cool projects like this!

  • jeromano 2 Dec, 2008

    I found it, thanks for your help people.

  • jeromano 2 Dec, 2008

    Where can I find neoprene?

  • harmony1 1 Dec, 2008

    angcolpat ~ neoprene is a thick rubbery material with a fabric outer layer. It's used most commonly for wet-suits for diving or surfing.

  • harmony1 1 Dec, 2008

    Ultra suede with batting would need a seam, and would also drastically alter the way it folds together so easily. The idea behind the neoprene is beyond the fact that it provides cushion or is also doesn't *fray*. I was thinking that several layers of heavy wool felt might be a nice option, but having grown up surfing...neoprene is pretty indestructable.

  • harmony1 1 Dec, 2008

    I saw this when it was first published and loved the idea, however, even living in the middle of Los Angeles, I was unable to find a source for neoprene. I wish they would have included a link for finding this material.

  • DragonflyEvents 1 Dec, 2008

    I love this idea....Now I wonder how to make it with a handle???

  • cam1503 30 Nov, 2008

    My local JoAnn's has neoprene...and it is available online as well. This is the stuff they make sportswear/accessories/scuba diving suits out of and it is available in many different thickness/quality...which could explain the variances in price up a bit if you don't know about neoprene.

  • steveru 30 Nov, 2008

    My goodness people. So if you can't find neoprene or it's too expensive then improvise! If you don't necessarily need ot to be water proof, then how about two peices of Ultra Suede with some batting sandwiched in between? And, the Ultra Suede would also provice a bit of protection from water as well! Think, people, think!

  • dhull22450 30 Nov, 2008

    This Neoprene cost $75.00 and up for a full sheet which measures 51'x 83', cost $75.60. You can order half sizes for $48.20 (51" x 41.5") . That is for one color on one side and black on the other side. This is from They have all different colors and thickness , this price is for a 3mm.

  • honeydays 30 Nov, 2008

    This is wonderful. My laptop is an unusual size and the sleeves they sell today do not fit. I travel often and I've been experimenting with different carry-on options and haven't liked any of them. It didn't occur to me to make my own, until now. thanks, Martha!

  • EveLowry 30 Nov, 2008

    DUH! I'm sure it is easier to go and buy one... The purpose of this information is to show those of us who prefer creativity and creating our OWN customizable solutions! Kudos to this tip Martha! I went and bought one of those "nice padded ones" and it was way too big for my laptop and since it only came in ONE SIZE it was NOT easier to just go and buy one. Now I'll have one in the color I want in the size that fits!

  • live2cook 30 Nov, 2008

    I frequently travel for work and need to consider what my carryon choices might be. I can protect my laptop with this case and not have to carry a separate computer case.

  • stephi999 30 Nov, 2008

    You know it's a lot easier to just buy a nice padded one with a strap

  • lbuser 30 Nov, 2008

    Come on guys, you are on a computer. Type neoprene into google - you will get dozens of links. If Hancock Fabrics doesn't have neoprene, someone else will. Try and seattle Making things out of specialty fabrics is way cheaper than buying them. You can quickly make this item and have plenty of fabric left for gifts, eye glass case, cell phone case, mp3 case, just use your imaginations.

  • 1fuzzybrain 30 Nov, 2008

    Yes, this is so frustrating, rarely any information as to where to purchase products. Neoprene is not available in any of our local Joann,Michael,ACMoore,Walmart,Target,nor K-mart,(which dosn't even carry crafts anymore) If Neoprene were cheap enough, I wouldn't mind making a special case or carry all bag.

  • mro 30 Nov, 2008

    padded computer envelopes/cases are so easy to find and so inexpensive. I can't imagine spending the time to make one - even if one could find the neoprene!

  • angcolpat 30 Nov, 2008

    what is neoprene?

  • suefoster 30 Nov, 2008

    Where would you find neoprene?

  • pelican66 30 Nov, 2008

    finding this neoprene would be where??

  • pelican66 30 Nov, 2008

    and finding this neoprene would be where?