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Folder Facades




Add splashes of color and texture -- as well as more storage space for papers -- to your home office with these fabric-and-ribbon-wrapped accordion folders. Any durable fabric in an eye-pleasing style will do (we opted for linen, woven silk, and woolen tweed). Tie the folders with ribbon or twill tape, available in various colors and widths.


  • Folder
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Mat board
  • Fabric
  • White craft glue


  1. Step 1

    Remove any ties or flaps from folder.

  2. Step 2

    For a small one, cut ribbon long enough to tie around the folder and into a bow; tape its midpoint to the back of the folder. For a large folder, tape a 12-inch-long ribbon to the top of the folder front and another to the back.

  3. Step 3

    Cut mat board 1/4 inch larger than the front of folder on all sides. Cut fabric 1 inch larger than the mat.

  4. Step 4

    Adhere fabric to mat with fusible webbing. Glue fabric-covered mat to folder with white craft glue. Repeat on opposite side.

  5. Step 5

    Weight; dry for at least two hours.

Martha Stewart Living, February 2006



Reviews (11)

  • Ms T-Rex 11 Sep, 2012

    I love this idea but I wish there were more instructions. I might try the spray can but with a stencil to get a personalised look

  • laurasm6420 4 May, 2010

    I really like this idea. I've been looking for ways to make my organizational supplies pretty.

  • koosh 2 May, 2010

    Im just totally confused. Do you take apart an already exhisting folder or just try to glue new parts and make an accordian side? sorry.

  • JudyRian 2 May, 2010

    It looks to me like you need to cut 2 pieces of mat board and cover them with the fabric, then glue one to each side of the folder. That way the accordian part that is not covered by fabric will not show. You would need to make sure it was even on the bottom or it wouldn't sit correctly. I think it is a good idea, they look nice on the desk.

  • mykele 2 May, 2010

    If a plain folder is not enough, just grab a spray paint can in a color you
    like and spray the exterior front and back of ther folder...outside of course
    in open air. Works for me......................Mykele

  • Terripaints 2 May, 2010

    I will try a little easier way, using spray adhesive to glue the fabric or heavy weight paper to the two sides of the folder. Then tie with ribbon.

  • atexasredhead 2 May, 2010

    I guess you are supposed to cover over the purchased brown accordian folder. More instructions would be helpful here as to how to make the pattern and cover it.

  • LadyEdna 6 May, 2009

    Not enought step-by-step- info.....please re-do this craft...

  • KarenGuglielmo 4 May, 2009

    I agree with both of you! It would have been SO easy to add just a little more information... What's up with that?

  • jozee 4 May, 2009

    I totally agree, it seems that some of the instructions are very scarce, or not enough info given, as to how to!

  • Morningblue 4 May, 2009

    This sounds really cool, but I wish I could see the photos better.