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Removing A Red Wine Stain

Martha Stewart Living, April 2006

Red wine has a way of winding up in the wrong place. Here are some ways to ensure that it doesn't stay there for long. On delicate fabrics: Soak the spot with denatured alcohol. Flush with white vinegar to remove residual stain. On sturdy fabrics: Coat stain with salt; let stand for five minutes. Stretch stained area over a bowl; secure with a rubber band. Place in sink; carefully pour boiling water over stain from a height of at least a foot.

Comments (5)

  • dailaolaa 10 May, 2013

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  • lanny2012 17 Dec, 2012

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  • MINKSNYC 28 Nov, 2011

    I had huge stains on my beloved and expensive white jeans. I really thought it couldn't be salvaged.
    I tried hydrogen peroxide didn't work. Then I did the hot boiling water standing on a chair over the sink...and it's a miracle- I couldn't believe it. Poof! Not only that - it made my white jeans even whiter!
    Really works. Thank you Martha!

  • lizzygirl 31 Aug, 2008

    HELP! have set-in RED wine stains on tablecloth, overnite. How do I get them out.

  • romnhom 26 Aug, 2008

    1. Red Wine -- Pour white wine on it, Blot with clean towel.
    2. Bloody Mary (tomato juice) -- Pour mix of 2 TBS baking soda and 1 cup water on it. Blot with clean towel.
    Believe it or not, these work like magic when spill had just happened -- don't know if they work on dry stains. ---- Marj.