Planting Pool Containers

Martha Stewart Living Television

Each spring, Martha selects a new plant to border her swimming pool. Often, she chooses Duranta erecta 'Golden Dewdrop,' a tropical shrub with delicate sky-blue flowers that match the pool's cool water.

She begins planting the 'Golden Dewdrop' by filling a portion of the containers in which they'll grow with a soilless potting mix.

Removing the plants from their nursery pots and holding each one by its lower stem, Martha places each plant into its own pot, with the plant's crown positioned slightly below the rim.

She continues to fill the containers with soil until the soil is even with the crown, then adds a slow-release fertilizer.

Martha waters the plants regularly, feeds them with a water-soluble fertilizer, and also underplants them with tiny but fragrant Corsican mint.


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