Poinsettia Projects

Martha Stewart Living, Volume 145 December 2005

If flowers could talk, poinsettias might be among the most concise communicators of all. These exuberant scarlet pinwheels seem to shout one word, joyfully: Christmas!

The poinsettia's bloom period coincides with winter's holidays, its rich palette of red and green arriving just in time to ward off the gray doldrums. And, thanks to its omnipresence as a seasonal symbol, it is the country's best-selling potted flowering plant.

Poinsettias, which can be found in signature foil-wrapped pots in almost any grocery store at this time of year, lend themselves to plenty of inventive applications. Try the following decor projects this holiday season.

Poinsettia Fringe-Cuff Stocking
Ribbon-Embroidery Poinsettia
Poinsettia Flower Pouch
Crepe Paper Poinsettia



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