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Lily Arrangement Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2010

Long-lasting lily arrangements can fill your home with lovely spring color and sweet fragrance for days at a time; just follow these simple tips from Lilytopia at Longwood Gardens floral designer Dorien van den Berg.

  • Relax and remember to have fun.

  • Think first, do second. Before you start, ask yourself: Who is the arrangement for? What's the occasion? Where will it be displayed? Is there something special about this person, place, or event? What size do you want the arrangement to be?
  • Big lilies have a big, beautiful face. Position your flowers in arrangements so the faces are turned toward people.

  • Open lilies will need more space. Remember to leave a little breathing room for the flowers as they open wider.

  • If it looks like a stem may bend from the flower's weight, add twigs or sticks for support.

  • To make arrangements look even more full and fabulous, play off the edges of the vase. Drape flowers, angle them, and extend the dimensions of the arrangement by playing with the vase edges.

  • When flowers are opening, keep them away from drafts or windy situations.

Learn about the hybrid lilies that Dorien highlighted on "The Martha Stewart Show."

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