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Halloween Ornaments




  • Large branch
  • Oasis
  • Flower pot
  • Decorative moss
  • Acrylic disks in varying sizes
  • Dremel drill
  • Krylon Looking Glass spray
  • Glittering glue
  • Onyx glitter
  • Glitter stickers
  • 28-gauge wire


  1. Step 1

    To make the Halloween tree, take any large branch with a lot of limbs and spray-paint it black.

  2. Step 2

    Place oasis inside of a flower pot or urn and push branch firmly into oasis. Cover oasis with moss.

  3. Step 3

    Drill a hole near the top of an acrylic disk. Peel off protective paper film from one side of disk.

  4. Step 4

    Spray Krylon Looking Glass spray onto exposed side of disk.

  5. Step 5

    Peel off protective paper film from other side of disk. Brush glittering glue on edge and around front edge, and glitter with Onyx glitter.

  6. Step 6

    Adhere glitter stickers to front of disc.

  7. Step 7

    Thread 28-gauge wire through hole and twist end to secure. Wrap end of wire around a branch to hang.

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2008



Reviews (13)

  • Sugarlove 6 Oct, 2010

    @ KraftiKendi - I believe the instructions say to use oasis to hold the branch in place...
    @ Crafty5 - did you use the adhesive on both sides? It appears that they forgot about that in the instructions...I've ordered the acrylic disks, but they do not come with the peel back adhesive Martha had on hers. And I'm going to get some 2 sided clear adhesive pages and do it exactly the way Martha did. I'm not sure why they left that step out in the instructions.

  • aimerct 5 Oct, 2010

    I'm getting quotes of $2.00 on the 2" acrylic disks and $3.00 on the 3" disks from two sources. Has anyone found a better price? martha mentioned about $.75 each but those are for very small disks. Any suggestions?

  • KraftiKendi 1 Oct, 2010

    Any ideas on how to anchor the branch into the urn? Stones?

  • crafty5 26 Feb, 2009

    ok so i tried spraying the acrylic disks with looking glass spray and it didn't work. did anyone get it to work? HELP me please, thanks

  • crafty5 26 Oct, 2008

    i said the name of the store is TAP PLASTIC!!!!!

  • drabekll 24 Oct, 2008

    So share with us your source! Don't tease us!

  • crafty5 23 Oct, 2008

    i found a place that has the acrylic disks a store called tap plastic!!

  • crafty5 21 Oct, 2008

    hollygolly...nope i never recieved an answer

  • suestru2 21 Oct, 2008

    I contacted and to tell you the truth, the man I spoke with was a little upset that no one from the show informed them about this segment. They are a small shop in NY and they are not set up for online orders and he's been bombarded with calls. He deals with large furniture items. I think we need a new source!

  • hollygolly 21 Oct, 2008

    Crafty5....They look like glittered styrofoam balls.
    Did you receive an answer? I was curious, too.

  • crafty5 20 Oct, 2008

    how do u make the little green ornaments?

  • hollygolly 20 Oct, 2008

    I've done a similar craft, but used old CD's. I glued ribbon between two CD's to omit the drilling. I am having so much fun doing your glitter Halloween crafts. Keep them coming!

  • suzmarie01 20 Oct, 2008

    I am saving this craft idea to use for Christmas as family gifts.
    They would look beautiful as ornaments on the Christmas tree.