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Halloween Handbook Templates

Comments (11)

  • mmurtaba 25 Oct, 2010

    where is the template for the bats that are hanging upside down?

  • Tiffany_Sun 14 Oct, 2010

    Hi everyone, there was only one raven template created for this story! - Tiffany Sun, Online Editor

  • LostLenore 1 Oct, 2010

    Oops. I'm sorry for the redundancy. I just signed up and thought that my original comment had been lost, thus I rewrote it... However, not all 500 characters displayed. So the end of my momentous post (I say so facetiously) is that as more template requests accumulate hopefully the site will post the the templates. That's it -- nothing more.

  • LostLenore 1 Oct, 2010

    Ditto on the missing raven templates. When I fully load the Ravens-in-Waiting pdf only one bird shows up ("Only this, and nothing more.") Oddly, it's not actually a raven. Looks more like a turkey vulture - w/out distinctive raven beak. Given that other contributors have requested the templates for a little over 3 weeks now to no avail, it's unlikely that the missing templates will be forthcoming. But hopefully as Halloween nears (

  • LostLenore 1 Oct, 2010

    Ditto on the missing raven templates. Loaded entire Ravens-in-Waiting pdf and there's only one bird there (which happens to not actually be a raven and looks more like a turkey vulture). Given that previous commenters have requested the template for over three weeks now to no avail, I doubt that the templates will actually appear...

  • Imeltinghere 25 Sep, 2010

    I'm also having trouble locating one of the ravens. It's on page 17, the one facing the house on a perch. There is another one similar to it on the railing around the porch. Any ideas anyone? Too bad there isn't a "reply" button on this comment section.

  • MGibbs 25 Sep, 2010

    I was also looking for the other templates for the Ravens in Waiting and only one of the templates loaded. I tried it several times and still the same result. I would really like to have a couple of the other ravens that were in the magazine. Anyone else have luck retrieving more than one?

  • marisa2u 15 Sep, 2010

    Would love step by step directions on how to recreate the wig on the cover.

  • tavorocha1 10 Sep, 2010

    jswan- I only get the one raven with the 2 pages to make him bigger. In the book there are about 4 others that are shown, but not in the templates.

  • jswan1026 8 Sep, 2010

    Click on Ravens in Waiting again and give it time to load, they're all there.

  • tavorocha1 6 Sep, 2010

    I have noticed that not all of the templates are in here. I was looking for the various Ravens - in - waiting but could only locate one. Where can get the other templates?