Organic Gardening

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2007

Deck planters
-Wood should be untreated
-Be sure they drain easily
-Ours is filled with gravel and soil

Organic soil mixture
-Composted manure: adds nitrogen, calcium
-Garden compost
-Wood chips: adds carbon

Vegetable plants
-New hybrids: small plants with full-size veggies
-Show variety of vegetables
-You can grow all in a container

Start planting
-Plant materials close together
-Mix up plants to vary nutrient needs

Selection of vegetables
1. Bush cucumber
-Grow to 12 to 18 inches tall
-Bear 5- to 7-inch fruits

2. Bush beans
-Grow to 18 inches tall

3. Tomatoes
-Dwarf plants grow 12 to 15 inches tall
-Produce 4-ounce tomatoes

4. Pepper varieties
-Sweet peppers
-Hungarian hot peppers
-Red cayenne peppers

5. Eggplants

6. Lettuces, cabbage, and brussels sprouts

Pest control
-Hose plants down -- knocks off pests
-Use insecticidal soap spray
-Interplant herbs and flowers
-This attracts wasps and other pollinators
-Wasps are natural insect eaters

Plant selection of flowers and herbs
-Dianthus: edible flowers
-Marigolds: repels bugs in the soil
-Yarrow: aids other plants' growth

Weed control
-Plant tightly -- eliminates space for weeds to grow
-Pull up weeds when they appear
-No need for weed sprays

Fungus control
-Spray plants with baking soda and water mix
-Changes pH to inhibit mold growth

Care for your container garden
-Water well
-Let dry slightly between waterings

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