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Storing Wrapping Paper

Martha Stewart Living

The holidays are certainly the perfect time to get organized, and when all of your supplies are in order, wrapping is fun, not a chore.

Keep the old cardboard tubes that gift-wrap comes wound around to store large, loose sheets of paper; use a rubber band to keep the paper from unwinding from the roll. You can also store papers inside wide, cardboard mailing tubes or poster tubes, which will prevent edges and corners from getting frayed, but it's hard to see what's inside, so don't forget to label.

After the holidays this year, don't forget to take advantage of the sales on wrapping supplies -- stock up on exquisite papers and ribbons.

Comments (10)

  • geoferr 5 Jan, 2012

    When you haven't got the paper tube the wrapping paper came on, or if you have just a small amount left, roll it up and slip it in one or two empty TP tubes. Also when I have a small piece of paper left over from a larger roll, I roll it and drop it into the tube the rest of the paper is on.

  • normally 7 Dec, 2011

    Hugo's Amazing Tape is the best. Clear plastic like tape on a roll like scotch tape but it has no adhesive like the regular tapes. It sticks to itself. Cut off the amount you need and wrap it around the roll allowing for a small overlap and it keeps your rolls tidy and is very easy to take of & best of all, you can reuse it endlessly. Hugo has their own site or use your favorite search engine to find other sources for it.....some may even find at their local fabric and/or craft stores.

  • missvito 21 Dec, 2009

    I simply place a papercliip to top and bottom of roll. Also, Hallmark sells these clear tab things that act like a posta-note.

  • OctoberFran 21 Dec, 2009

    Clothespins clipped to top and bottom of paper/roll work fine too. Also good for storing large sheets of art paper without creasing them.

  • Rush 15 Dec, 2008

    I stopped using wrapping paper for most of my gifts and started using re-usable bags. I made several of the pillow case bags from the MS pattern on her website. I got the pillow cases at garage sales. If you don't sew, you can buy bags at most grocery stores for a dollar. Cheaper and nicer and greener than wrapping paper!

  • cathrynmb 13 Dec, 2008

    I agree re: hairbands instead of rubber-bands. Rubber-bands dry out and break usually after only a few months. Also they can get all gooey.

  • MarthaMaven 13 Dec, 2008

    Brilliant idea from Talent! I'll be trying that. I store rolled papers in the legs of old panty hose and then clip the top of the panty part to a pant hanger and hang in the closet.

  • lwatt19 13 Dec, 2008

    I use either an empty paper towel tube or a wrapping paper tube cut into shorter pieces, and I cut a slit all the way up the side to make a "cuff" that slips easily over the paper to keep it from unrolling from thier tubes. Rubber bands are ok, but they cover very little of the surface so I find that the wrapping paper tears on either side.

  • talent 13 Dec, 2008

    Great idea about the hair bands. I use my ex's old hanging suit bag. It is perfect! The tall rolls are in the suit/clothing area standing up and I don't need to band the paper since the confined area keeps them from coming unwrapped. I keep folded boxes in one of the big compartments, then ribbon, tape gift cards in the smaller ones. I do keep Xmas only in this bag. So I just pull it out for Xmas hang it up where I wrap packages, then refill it and put it away for the year.

  • stamprmama 13 Dec, 2008

    Use hair ties instead of rubber bands - it will keep the paper looking much nicer!