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Paper Mice Halloween Decorations

These creepy, crawly paper mice are not so nice. Stick these unsavory critters on stair risers, baseboards, or any spot where they might give unsuspecting passersby a little jump.




  • Black construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Masking tape
  • Mice templates


  1. Step 1

    Print templates

  2. Step 2

    Trace the shapes onto black construction paper, and cut out.

  3. Step 3

    Mount as desired with masking tape.

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Reviews (8)

  • Dan1 27 Oct, 2013

    This is a easy way to make a cute impact for a stairway! Perfect!

  • echoecho 20 Oct, 2011

    To make these to use outdoors, I bought some black plastic folders, the kind one uses for school assignments ($1 apiece at the dollarstore here in Toronto). The plastic is thin and so cuts easily with regular scissors. I got 4-6 mice out of each folder. I then attached them with strong tape to the front steps.

  • Stacy0344 5 Oct, 2011

    I printed a few of the templates out and just cut them out. Saved a ton of time on tracing and cutting. For my outside display I taped them to the inside window facing out. At night it looks like my house is infested, creepy!

  • FarmArt 19 Oct, 2010

    As a gift someone cut the mice from black metal. Now I have them year after year.

  • Sheryll 12 Oct, 2010

    Oh VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! Do NOT tape to the actual monitor, but the frame and do not leave the tape on for any longer than necessarynly and ONLYuse a soft crayon to trace the oultine, you do not want to damage your monitor!!!

  • Sheryll 12 Oct, 2010

    Oh gosh YES, I so agree with jrtmitzi and I was about to say the same as KristinaLK......... because to print these out as featured is sheer lunacy. I can not afford to buy another set of ink cartridges for such. Even regular printer paper held against the monitor and tape it on four corners will work. I like the two with the longest tails the very best.

  • KristinaLK 4 Oct, 2010

    I agree, but you can just enlarge the template to 113% or so and lightly trace off of your computer screen onto tracing paper. Then just transfer onto black construction paper:) These are great mice to scatter (tape) along you molding, stairs,,etc. :)

  • jrtmitzi 7 Aug, 2010

    I think it would be better if the templates were outlined instead of solid. It would save a lot of ink.