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Oilcloth Place Mat




Painted oilcloth was once a household staple. Today's versions are versatile and simple to work with -- their cut edges won't fray -- and their colorful designs make cheerful backgrounds for casual summer meals. Strawberry-festooned place mats brighten a breakfast table. These mats are double-sided; choose one pattern, or mix and match.



  • Patterned oilcloth
  • Place mat
  • Scissors
  • Spray mount
  • Sewing machine
  • Scallop fabric shears
  • Bias tape


  1. Step 1

    Trace the outline of another place mat onto oilcloth. Cut two pieces for each mat; spray reverse sides lightly with spray mount, and press together with your hands. 

  2. Step 2

    Next cut out final shape and machinestitch edges, leaving a seam allowance. Trim edges with scallop fabric shears, or finish a straight edge with bias tape.

Martha Stewart Living, July 2001



Reviews (26)

  • caribou2 27 Mar, 2009

    to woddydotter: when i sew with oilcloth, i place a piece of tissue paper over where i am stitching, so my foot doesn't stick. then, just tear the paper off your stitches, voila!

  • CharInSeattle 7 Aug, 2008

    Oilcloth placemats--great idea! Thank you.

  • oilclothalley 6 Aug, 2008

    Visit for over 75 great retro oilcloth prints. Available by the yard!

  • woodydotter 21 Jul, 2008

    Is there a trick to machine sewing with oilcloth? My, granted, inexpensive, machine just couldn't do it.

  • Vivki 14 Jul, 2008

    You can also get an adhesive backed laminate at JoAnne Fabrics to make your own laminate cloth.

  • aandwmama 13 Jul, 2008

    thanks for the tip on just went to the site and they have 40% off on all fabrics!

  • aandwmama 13 Jul, 2008

    thanks for the tip on just went to the site and they have 40% off on all fabrics!

  • joycepalla 13 Jul, 2008

    you can get the oil cloth from i got my order in just a few days. lots to choose from..

  • Laura0711 13 Jul, 2008

    I just bought really cute oil cloth at this website. I love the polka dots.
    They have a nice sampler assortment you can buy even.

  • snowgooseltd 13 Jul, 2008

    Am I wrong or is this the second or third time this craft has appeared in the last three months?

  • PinkGranny 12 Jul, 2008

    This brings back memories of table cloths, book covers and aprons!

  • countessduchess 12 Jul, 2008

    Is wax cloth the same as oil cloth?
    m. tobin

  • ellen97 12 Jul, 2008

    I have found oilcloth in most major fabric stores. I know Hancock Fabrics here in Illinois carry it. To the Australian folks: Perhaps the people in your fabric stores would know another name for oilcloth there. Would like to know that name myself! How about in Great Britain?

  • Katididit 12 Jul, 2008

    Chasingbubbles is great...thanks

  • CarolBrayevich 28 May, 2008

    Where can I buy oilcloth, fabric store or?

  • Zared 28 May, 2008

    I love your crafts!!!, but is right, we expected more pictures of how to make them.

  • Anna_Marie 28 May, 2008

    My local fabric store chain carries several different patterns of it. And the Michael's in Tulsa has fabric, also, so I bet they carry it.

  • paleako 28 May, 2008

    In response to the question by "engli", today's oilcloth is cotton fabric bonded to vinyl. There are some beautiful patterns. Oilcloth in the past was canvas treated with oil to help make the canvas waterproof.

  • mastrohome 28 May, 2008

    AGAIN a nice idea but no pictures on how to make them. Also no close ups of the ones in the picture. Come on get with it that is an easy craft that could be done easily with a little more direction.

  • engli 27 May, 2008

    I don't know what oilcloth we call it comething else in Australia???

  • vikkiv 8 Apr, 2008

    it looks like that printed vinyl that you put on the kitchen table as a cloth.

  • Jaybow 5 Apr, 2008

    I'm from Australia and have absolutely no idea??

  • maddyjay 5 Apr, 2008

    What is oilcloth?

  • brendawhite 4 Apr, 2008

    Pryde's Old Westport in Kansas City, Missouri has oilcloth - their phone number is (816) 531-5588 - they are a family-owned kitchen store that has been around for about 40 years - I have no connection to them, I just like to shop there.

  • sparkleplenty 4 Apr, 2008

    A lot of "local" hardware stores carry oilcloth.

  • susansobon 4 Apr, 2008

    google it, i can think of two places i have seen it recently. but of course cant remember where