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Pegboard Organizer

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008

Everyone is always looking for ways to be more organized, and it can be hard to find a home for some items, no matter how put together your home is. But a simple pegboard like this can help keep rooms clean, and items in plain sight and within reach when needed. Your wall never has to be marred by miscalculated nail holes or markings.

Tools and Materials
Circular saw or jigsaw (optional)
Satin or semigloss paint
Hanging hardware: 2 D-rings
Pegboard hardware and hook holders

Pegboard Organizer How-To
1. Begin with a piece of pegboard. Because pegboard usually comes in large sheets, either get the board cut to fit inside your frame where you buy it, or use a circular saw or a jigsaw to cut the pegboard to size at home.

2. Paint pegboard with satin or semigloss paint in a color of your choice. Let dry overnight.

3. Insert the painted pegboard into the frame and secure.

4. Attach the hanging hardware -- the two D-rings -- to the back of the frame to hang pegboard on wall.

5. Thread elastic horizontally through holes in the pegboard, pull tightly, and knot in back to form rows in which to hang and organize papers.

6. Add pegboard hardware and hook holders to the front side of board to hold your supplies. Be sure to snap the pegboard hook holders in completely to keep the hardware from wobbling. Everything on the pegboard is removable and adjustable, which makes changes or updates easy.

Comments (15)

  • foxillfiddler 27 Sep, 2011

    We have a wall of peg-board in the garage, and it works GREAT.

  • pegman 22 Oct, 2010

    A great alternative that is incredibly strong and just as affordable are available at Being made from steel, it is ideal for heavier tools. Check out the video on their website. Much easier to install and a great product.

  • snrwo1 3 Oct, 2010

    would have been nice if you would have told where to get the pegboard hokes and the peglocks

  • RitaM4 17 Apr, 2010

    Thanks Jezibel for the link to your Etsy shop -- I'm not so much of a DIYer - so this is great!

  • teresabosco 17 Apr, 2010

    I have been thinking of modifying something just like this to hang all my costume jewellry in my bathroom - never thought of the elastics though-would be perfect for small hanging earings!

  • Jezibel 9 Jan, 2010

    I make custom painted pegboard organizers at Gather ideas for your own or have me create one for you.

  • geswhiz 22 Oct, 2008

    How do you attach the D-rings? Thanks, Gretchen

  • waynette 6 Sep, 2008

    I have a pegboard that I use for my sewing. Cut dowels at differant leights. I start at the top with the spools of thread, colors to geather Bobbinsnext to each color. Then space wider to fit measuring devices. Rulers ,triangles Etc.
    Then lower longer dowels to hold the 6000 foot thread for my Quilting machine. Colors and bobbins togeather. Also holds your sissors. etc. works really well if you have limited space as I do.

  • LeannaRuth 6 Sep, 2008

    Drawing an outline around the tools with a marker helps keep tools organized. You can tell at a glance where they go and if one is missing. My father had a peg board organizer over his tool bench and it was easy for everyone in the family to know where to put hiis tools as a result they were always organized.

  • bpsz18 4 Aug, 2008

    Don't bother painting pegboard panels like Martha did, I found a really nice site that sells pegboard panels in tons of stock colors. Check out

  • DiannaZ 4 Aug, 2008

    I just got my pegboards up in my kitchen and I am SO pleased, both with the way they look and with the way they have expanded my kitchen ten-fold! I have used shelves, for the most part, and put my spices and utensils over the stove. That pegboard is 32" X 48" and has three shelves. The other pegboard is 64" X 48" and has many shelves of varying widths and lengths holding all of the chickens I have collected throughout the years. One of the shelves is an old drawer.

  • AnneCross 4 Jul, 2008 has a pegboard organizer kit.

  • dorothy_l 18 Mar, 2008


  • EGUHL 3 Feb, 2008

    We put 4x8 foot peg board panels along one complete side of our son's room when he was about 9 and bought him multiple shelves, hooks, pegs, boxes, etc. He arranged and rearranged his collectables and memories for over 10 years! The board grew with him through all of high school and he has a portable one now in college. Inexpensive way to help children be creative and yet organized.

  • clara0415 1 Feb, 2008

    I love this peg board I use it in my sewing room and keep my scissors , marking pens etc.