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Reindeer Pop-Up Card

Spread holiday cheer with this one-of-a-kind holiday card from pop-up book artists Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.




  • Template one
  • Template two
  • Template three
  • Brown medium-weight paper, for legs
  • Silver or bone-colored medium-weight paper, for antlers
  • Colored medium-weight paper, for ornaments
  • Knitting needle or bone folder
  • Utility knife
  • Card
  • White glue
  • Silver thread
  • Mini hole-punch
  • 5-by-7-inch envelope


  1. Step 1

    Download templates for the reindeer's antlers, head/body and the pop-up card base. Print out a brown head and two legs, silver or bone-colored antlers, and ball ornaments on any color of medium-weight paper. Use a knitting needle or bone folder to score the dotted lines of the head and body.

  2. Step 2

    Cut out head, legs, antlers, and ornaments with utility knife. Fold head, antlers, and body along score lines. Score card down middle where fold will be.

  3. Step 3

    Glue down the tabs of the antlers with white glue to the shaded area on card that says antlers. Glue down head tab to create 3-D head. Next, glue down head, body, and legs.

  4. Step 4

    Glue together two small circles with a piece of silver thread sandwiched in between to make a mini ornament. Make a hole with a mini hole-punch on antlers; tie on ornament. Embellish reindeer as desired. Place in 5-by-7-inch envelope.

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2007



Reviews (23)

  • gregoria 28 Nov, 2008

    GlassSlipper; Blessing! you will find the printing templates when you select (print). then you select: one, two, and three. for each pattern. Have fun!

  • GlassSlipper 25 Nov, 2008

    I can't find the template...can somebody point me in the right diection please?

  • jmhook 24 Jan, 2008

    I made 10 that I used for placecard on my Christmas table. I shrunk the template 50% and assembled the reindeer with tiny red pom-poms for their noses, and I even made a tiny birthday hat for my Uncle Noel whose birthday is Dec. 25th. I printed out names in a Christmas frame on my computer and glued them below the reindeer. Using a large colored paper clip, I bent it to hold the placecard upright. They turned out super cute and all my guest loved them!!!

  • Krafty_Kritter 28 Dec, 2007

    I made one. It was cute! They should come up with some more christmas critters besides reindeer

  • Plume-Plume 20 Dec, 2007

    I made three or four of these eye catching cards! Nothing is really hard to do but it takes time to cut out if you want to do a nice job. People just love these cards!

  • susieincali 18 Dec, 2007

    This is so cute! I made two with my Grandsons and they loved them. I also used the red pom-poms for Rudolph's nose and glued on some of the "googly" eyes, which you can purchase at any craft store. We decorated the reindeers antlers with glitter glue and the boys added stickers.

  • graf 17 Dec, 2007

    i would like ti try this , but it only lets me get #'s 1

  • chalkwarebyLea 15 Dec, 2007

    Hi Kathy K; thanks for telling Gloria how to download the templates for the pop-up card. I used it too
    Chalkware by Lea

  • muggsysue 15 Dec, 2007

    I had so much fun making three of them. It was a challenge to fold at first, but got the hang of it, then easy. I used scrapbooking paper and cut out with scissors from templates. Now, to decide who gets them!!

  • paraprmar 13 Dec, 2007

    It would help alot if the site would acctually let me get the templates. He keeps taking me back to the home page.

  • stocka 13 Dec, 2007

    It would help if the template or directions indicated which way to do the folds. The designers say to just follow the directions, but they are not clear for a lovely, but confusing project. Ann S

  • Levis-Mum 13 Dec, 2007

    I have started making these though I did not cut the eyes I used glitters small love heart stickers.
    I have 8 or 9 to do and they were not too hard it was just figuring out which way to fold along the lines.

    I would love a santa template
    Levi's -mum in Sydney Australia

  • Grammasusie 11 Dec, 2007

    Thanks for making this template available. I used it for cards for my grandsons, five and eight years olf. Here's the apt message I created: Merry Christmas (on the exterior of the card) Happy New Deer (on the card's interior). GrammaSusie

  • leef 5 Dec, 2007

    This card turned out great, once I figured out the proper folding direction. I've made 3 already and they all look different depending on the color of paper used. The most difficult/time consuming part is cutting out the antlers with an exacto.

  • AndreaLaFea 5 Dec, 2007

    I had so much fun making this card. I just used my daughter's construction paper and stick glue. I just traced over the template that was printed out on regular paper on top of the construction paper. I didnt have any dotted lines.

  • stephnelynn 5 Dec, 2007

    i've tried to put together the reindeer head but no matter which way i fold there is always a dotted line showing. am i folding it correctly? will darker paper hide the lines? any suggestions? thanks!

  • Bugrot 4 Dec, 2007

    I saw your show today and enjoyed it. You mentioned a handy little tool that you discovered for cutting paper and I believe you called it rolling scissors. But I missed anything else you might have said about it. Do you know where they might be purchased? I think they would make great stocking stuffers this Christmas. Bill

  • Dichotomy 4 Dec, 2007

    Great card! I just made one out of loose leaf paper to see if it was too hard, turned out to be super simple and I made one in about 15 minutes. I'll be sending one of these to everyone this year, just wonderful! thanks! :)

  • teribears 4 Dec, 2007

    Thanks for the great card idea! These will be fun to make and send. I will probably add wiggle eyes to my reindeer and possibly a bow somewhere.
    I look forward to seeing more spectacular ideas on your show and web site.
    Regards, Teri

  • PreciousIittleOnes 4 Dec, 2007

    Martha today I was maing a pop up card rein deer card from printer paer and since I not working and can not afoward to supply the materials just yet is ok to use the reaindeer templets on paper and glue it on the regular christmas cards I try to use the 3 templets it din't came out the way it should be so instead I use reglar prtinter paper cna get some advice? thanks :0

  • KathyKortegaard 4 Dec, 2007

    Hi Gloria,
    Just click on the blue lettering under Item #1. The words that say "one" "two" and "three" will take you to the templates, which you can then print out. Hope this helps! ~ Kathy

  • gritz 4 Dec, 2007

    I want to know how to download the templates for the reindeer pop-up card on 12-04-07 tv show. i printed out the directions but can't get the templates. How do I do that??? Gloria Jacobs

  • gritz 4 Dec, 2007

    I want to know how to download the templates for the reindeer pop-up card on 12-04-07 tv show. i printed out the directions but can't get the templates. How do I do that??? Gloria Jacobs