Halloween Baby Costume: Pie

Halloween Baby Costume: Pie

Source: The Martha Stewart Show


Be sure to use nontoxic paint and glue in this project, as some babies like to chew on the costumes. When placing your baby on a table, make sure that the sides of the table are protected, and always watch that your child does not roll. When using berries and other garnishes, be aware of any choking hazards.

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  • 1 inch foam

  • Muslin fabric

  • Silver acrylic paint

  • White glue

  • Brown acrylic paint

  • Light brown felt

  • Glue gun


  1. Form a pie dish with 1-inch foam and cover with muslin fabric.

  2. Paint it using silver acrylic paint diluted with water. One inch from the top of the dish, glue a round piece of muslin. Leave a space inside for the baby.

  3. Add some stuffing on top, and glue slices of apple. To make apple slices, shape and bake salt dough into apple-slice shapes. Then, mix white glue with brown acrylic paint and drizzle it on top; let dry overnight, and it will resemble caramel.

  4. Cut light brown felt in 2-inch strips with one side wavy.

  5. Glue gun the strips around the rim of the pie dish. Using the same brown felt, cut more strips and make a large lattice on top of the pie and glue gun it down. To add more realism, make some hot glue spilling off the pie and leaking over the edge of the pie dish.

  6. When dry, paint it a shade of brown with acrylic paint.


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