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Partridge in a Pear Tree Cookies

Martha Stewart Living, December 2009

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Ingredients and Equipment
Sugar Cookies
Royal Icing, tinted to desired shades with food coloring
Printable cookie-cutter template
Plastic squeeze bottles, with wide and thin tips

Partridge Cookies How-To

1. Make the pear tree: Using brown icing in a squeeze bottle with a wide tip, outline and pipe swirly lines on the trunk for bark. Let dry for 1 hour.

2. Using green icing in a squeeze bottle with a wide tip, outline and "flood" the leafy portion of tree (don't pipe all the way to edge, since adding pears in the next step may cause the green to spread).

3. While green icing is wet, pipe pears in yellow icing, using a thin-tipped squeeze bottle.

4. Using brown icing in a thin-tipped squeeze bottle, add stems to the pears. Let dry for 1 hour.

5. Make the partridge: Using tan icing in a squeeze bottle with a thin tip, outline and flood the bird, leaving a border for outlining in next step.

6. While icing is wet, use brown icing in a thin-tipped squeeze bottle to pipe an outline around the partridge and 3 or 4 lines across its body (let the icing lines fall onto the tan icing -- don't drag the tip of the bottle through it). For feathers, drag a toothpick through the lines toward the tail.

7. Let partridge dry for 1 hour. Add an aqua eye with the thin-tipped squeeze bottle.

8. Attach the partridge to the tree: Dab green icing to the back of the bird, and place it on the dried tree (do not press down). Let dry completely, 8 hours or overnight.

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