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No-Sew Witch Costume

Source: Halloween 2000


8 No-Sew Costumes


  • 10 black garbage bags with drawstrings

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Stapler


  1. Tape a 7-inch strip of clear packing tape onto 10 black, drawstring garbage bags just below each drawstring. Perpendicular to that piece of tape, just touching it, tape a 3-inch piece of tape, to make an upside-down T.

  2. To make armholes, cut down center of long tape just to edge of short tape. For sleeves, trim bottom off 1 bag; slit sides and drawstrings.

  3. Staple cut drawstrings to half-bags at each end. Tape each half-bag along edges to make a tube.

  4. With bags still inside out, match bodice to sleeves at drawstrings. Overlapping sleeve and bodice 1/4 inch, tape top 8 inches of armhole, leaving drawstrings free and armpit open for ventilation. Turn right side out. Cinch drawstrings; tie to fit.

  5. Cut off bottoms of 6 bags. Lay bags on floor; refold so drawstrings are at sides.

  6. To tie bags together: Snip 1 drawstring of first bag, and cinch bag; snip both drawstrings on second bag, cinch, and tie tightly on one side to first bag. Repeat with remaining bags, creating a length of bags, but don't snip last drawstring; use it and first drawstring to tie skirt at waist. Clip off excess drawstrings.

  7. Rip and shred bottoms of skirt panels -- we ripped more from top layer to make skirt fuller.

  8. Shred sleeve bottoms.

  9. From strips of bag, make 2 braids, each long enough to crisscross and wrap around arm twice; tie, and puff sleeves. Make a third braid long enough to crisscross around waist (for long strips, tape short ones end to end), and tie in back. Wear tights or slip beneath skirt.


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