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Leaf-Printed Linens

Print leaves onto cloth as they would fall outdoors, in pleasing, random patterns, or create a stylized design. We used linen fabric because its texture shows through the pigment, emulating veins. An artist's carving block, which you can find in a variety of sizes in crafts stores and online, allows you to create one-of-a-kind designs.
Martha Stewart Living, November 2006

Comments (9)

  • kikaphotos 3 Oct, 2010

    There are too many cranky ladies leaving comments! I'm always inspired by MS.
    the key is being inspired - be creative !

  • Kanha 8 Sep, 2008

    Martha's crew, kindly read the comments of your patrons! This craft was published Nov. 2006 and still the other leaf templates have not been added on!?!

  • JessePiester 7 Sep, 2008

    When selecting a commercially-made rubber stamp, be sure to select one that has a lot of solid, unbroken, "positive" design. A stamp that is mostly lines, or has a heavily-pierced design, will not have the same effect.

  • Harts52 7 Sep, 2008

    I was disappointed that the template was only for one design. It would have been nice if all the leaves shown in the photo were included.

  • JerseyCook 7 Sep, 2008

    Weejee - I would think a brayer would be your best bet to keep the paint out of the veins because it would ruin the effect. This is actually not difficult at all if you use commercially made stamps. I made a stamp once back in high school and I'm not inclined to attempt that again because one slip with those linolium tools (which doesn't take much) and your project takes a change of plans. It takes a VERY steady hand and a lot of patience.

  • JerseyCook 7 Sep, 2008

    While making our own stamps would certainly make the project unique, I think this would also work with pre-made rubber stamps, for those of us who aren't inclined to make our own. The key is in the fabric paint and making sure you follow the directions for setting the paint so its washable. This is a lovely idea to make a table runner or kitchen towels to bring as a gift to the hostess of an autumn event or Thanksgiving.

  • nansi 7 Sep, 2008

    you're kidding!

  • Allie from Albany 7 Sep, 2008

    If you add veins, would the paint you brush on go into the veins and ruin the veining effect? Would using a brayer to apply the paint decrease this chance of error? I have never carved blocks before, so I've no experience with this particular craft. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

  • Denise454 7 Sep, 2008

    Love the look of this. If you are motivated to cut your own stamp block please try it. However, I did something very similar to this years ago using the thick foam stamps. You have probably seen leaves in places like JoAnn Fabric and Michaels for much cheaper than the more detailed rubber stamps. Enjoy.--denise