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Sailboat Birthday Cake

Martha Stewart Baby, Winter 2001

This chocolate cake is disguised as a seascape, complete with schools of fish-shaped cookies and a homemade paper sailboat.

You'll Need
1 recipe One-Bowl Chocolate Cake in two 8-inch-square cake pans. You can bake the cake layers the day before the party; the cake is very moist, so it won't dry out, and it should be completely cool before you frost it anyway.

1/2 recipe Sugar Cookies. Cut the rolled dough into fish shapes before baking; decorate with Egg Free Royal Icing.

3 recipes Seven Minute Frosting, tinted blue with food coloring.

Sailboat Birthday Cake How-To
1. Using a serrated knife, trim the tops of both cake layers to be level. Brush away excess crumbs. Place the bottom layer on an 8-inch cardboard square. Spread 1 1/2 to 2 cups icing over the top of the bottom layer. Top with the second layer, cut side down. Spread 2 cups icing in a thin layer over the entire cake.

2. Place the assembled cake on an inverted cake pan to raise the bottom edge for easier decorating. Use a large offset spatula to generously cover all of the cake with more icing. Use the long edge of the spatula to smooth the icing on the sides.

3. Press a cake-decorating comb into the sides to make vertical lines around the cake, dividing each side into four equal parts. Pull the comb or a serrated knife across the sides, making a U shape from one line to the next to form waves.

4. On top of the cake, use a small offset spatula to pull the still-moist icing straight up, creating frothy waves. Press decorated fish-shaped sugar cookies into the icing on the sides of the cake. Place the paper sailboat (download the instructions below) on top of the cake. Serve slices of the cake with more fish cookies on the side.

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