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Martha Stewart Living, January 2009

Open storage cubes, available at organizing stores, rein in piles of folded shirts and sweaters and keep them from toppling over. The movable cubbies also provide support for the stacks on either side.

Comments (13)

  • 21 Apr, 2011

    Wow, didn't know Martha was into data structures for business intelligence, open storage cubes are very useful!!! ... [geeky pun]

  • 8 Apr, 2009

    I'm going to do this in my girls closet. I think I'm going to buy some milk crates that i foundon craigslist and spraypaint them all the same color. The cubes in the store are expensive and I'm not handy enough to make them

  • 6 Apr, 2009

    Amazon sells them

  • 3 Apr, 2009

    You can use a plastic cutting board to fold clothes, it's cheaper and does the trick.
    Has anyone found cubbies that are not heavy or pricey?

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    How about plans on how to make the cubes? I am thinking the closet tips are getting a bit tedious.....

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    Okay, just how long is the person in charge of Martha's Organization ideas going to be on vacation??! I'm getting tired of the repetitious CLOSET stuff! Thanks much.

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    i bought something called a flip 'n' fold - you can get them online - i saw someone in spencers using one and had to have it. everything is even every time.

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    I agree with lynnkay the Flip-N-Fold is a must! I googled them and bought it online, they also sell one for the kids' clothes

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    I had bins made like this in my closet update last year. It is awesome for keeping things straight. I was so tired of having the piles fall over.

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    Hi, you can get your shirts, t-shirts and more to look that good. I use a FLIP-N-FOLD. I don't remember where I bought it but it's the home version of what they use in the stores to fold shirts. And it's FAST and fool-proof.

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    You can get your shirts to look like just have to take a class at the Gap. ;) Actually, you can use the process they use. They use a clipboard or other rectangular flat object and fold the item around it.

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    Lay the shirt front side down on a flat surface. Fold the sleeves straight across the body then bring the sides toward the middle and fold the shirt in thirds. Easy, neat and stack nicely.

  • 2 Apr, 2009

    I really wish I could get my folded shirts to actually look that good :)