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Hanging a Wreath


Display your wreaths with style with these simple hanging techniques.

Create a floral wire loop. For wire or twig wreath forms, secure loop at back of form; for straw or Styrofoam forms, pin loop at back. Hang the wreath on a sturdy nail or hook.

Door or Molding
To avoid creating unsightly holes in walls or woodwork, suspend wreath from the top of a door or molding with either a length of sturdy ribbon or monofilament (the monofilament's packaging should list how much weight it will support). 

To hang, cut a piece of ribbon (at least 3 inches wide) or monofilament long enough so that, when the ribbon or monofilament is doubled, the wreath will hang at the desired height. Loop the ribbon or monofilament around the back of the wreath form (or pin it, in the case of Styrofoam or straw forms). 

If using ribbon, fold the edges over 1/2 inch, and secure to the top of the door or molding with a few flat, heavy-duty thumbtacks (available at hardware stores). If using monofilament, knot the ends of the doubled-up string and use a tack to secure the string to the top of the door or the molding. To hang particularly heavy wreaths with ribbon, first hang with monofilament to support the bulk of the weight, and then attach the ribbon as a decorative detail.

A mirror provides an elegant, refractive backdrop for wreaths. Wrap metal wreath forms with floral tape to prevent them from scratching mirrors on which they're hung. To hang, follow the door or molding instructions, above, tacking the ribbon or monofilament to the back of the mirror's frame.

Reviews (6)

  • famhul88 5 Dec, 2010

    Continued ... Duct tape the ribbon to the top part of the window that you have open so that when the window is closed no one will see the tape. Cut your ribbon ends with an inverted "V" so that they look nice. Ta Da! Merry Christmas!

  • famhul88 5 Dec, 2010

    We hang wreaths outside on our windows every year using ribbon. Using the following method, your wreath will hang approximately in the midddle of the upper window. Cut a piece of ribbon about 30 in. long. Thread the ribbon through the top of the metal frame and bring both ends together. Open the top of your window, place the wreath through the space holding tightly to the ribbon ends, and pull or loosen the ends until your wreath sits where you prefer. Duct tape ...

  • AAnderson 5 Dec, 2010

    For outdoor windows I think you'd have to go with the monofilament line or ribbon (using weather proof ribbon) method and put a nail or tack up on or above the window trim.

  • tjeddy 5 Dec, 2010

    Correction to last posting... despite this problem being a pain, I meant double pane windows!

  • tjeddy 5 Dec, 2010

    What about hanging wreathes on the outside of house windows? Particularly if they are double pain with no mullions. Magnetic hooks are too weak, so the only thing I've found are suction cups. They don't always stick!

  • Cheryllion 5 Dec, 2010

    Pretty wreath and plants -- but what is with that godawful wall color!? LOL!