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Magnetic Flowers




Put a little spring into your solid-toned tablecloths by embellishing them with a bunch of magnet-fitted flowers. Unlike sewn-on accents, the blooms can be changed for each season. Nor are they limited to table settings. This "arrangement" -- including roses, ranunculus, and mums -- would blossom just as brightly on a cafe curtain in the kitchen or even on a living room lampshade.

Start by collecting a variety of complementary-colored fabric flowers, available at crafts stores. Adhere mini magnets (also found there) with fabric glue to the backs of the flowers just above their raised centers (the larger the flower, the farther off-center the magnet must be to ensure that it will sit flat). Secure the flowers to any soft surface, including curtains and tablecloths, by placing a second magnet on its reverse side.

Martha Stewart Living, March 2006



Reviews (48)

  • Cheryl Binstock 17 Feb, 2014

    Love this idea - so many creative options come to mind! Limited only by the strength of the magnets! Thank You!

  • shamis 11 Aug, 2009

    This idea is great you can use lettering and all other kinds of homemade designs.

  • jackie_d302 11 Aug, 2009

    I love this idea! super cute and could be used for birthdays and holidays. you could also use them on curtins!!! loving this one.

  • DesignerDoris 11 Aug, 2009

    Where are the directions?

  • 812SAL 11 Aug, 2009

    Magnets are so-o-o dangerous if swallowed by childen or pets...just be careful!

  • slave2laundry 11 Aug, 2009

    I wouldn't use them either if i had pets they could eat them just the same way as the kids ...pinning is better

  • Wysiwig 11 Aug, 2009

    Love this cute idea

  • pas_non 11 Aug, 2009

    this. is. brilliant.

  • Fancies 3 Jun, 2008

    a good use for these would be on a front window or door

  • judonthego 19 May, 2008

    What a great idea! I have my daughter's bridal shower on the 31st of May and intend on using that for sunflowers (her favorite flower). Thanks for the ideas; keep them coming! Judonthego

  • JWKing 18 May, 2008

    It is a great idea however magnets are dangerous to small children if swallowed. Use appropriately.

  • tsoave 17 May, 2008

    Why would you not use good old fashioned safety pins? They'd cost WAY less than magnets! Otherwise, attaching things of this sort to tableclothes is a clever idea!

  • runningwithlola 17 May, 2008

    This is just what I needed to decorate for my son's birthday BBQ! I think the magnetized flowers will also act somewhat as tablecloth weights, so I won't have to worry quite so much about the tablecloths flapping in the wind. Thanks!!

  • Mary_Ruth 17 May, 2008

    GREAT idea! This can be done with small jewelry accents, for a wedding table cloth on buffet table to add wedding colors, or Chirstmas with small fabric ornaments, any holiday color idea! You could connect things with crochet string to make a garland affect! Possibilities are endless! Thanks!

  • nrozzelle 16 May, 2008

    This is wonderful.....I'm thinking of ideas to use this way for all holidays. Thanks!

  • aintnomarthastewart 16 May, 2008

    what a cute and simple idea!

  • Moosemamma 16 May, 2008

    How clever! My 3 year old daughter will LOVE this, too!! You could even wear one to liven up a dress for a shower, wedding, or spring cocktail party. I'm going to make a bunch in every color imaginable. :)

  • sharonmanis 16 May, 2008

    How 'bout stars on a fourth of july table cloth! cool lots more ideas can come of this idea thanks to Martha's holpers! coodos

  • marybethmoffett 16 May, 2008

    There is no reason you could not do that with real live flowers for a day for a special event.. Just figure how to make a few stitches through the back of a real flower bud into another piece of fabric glued to the magnet. Would be gorgeous for only a few minutes of extra effort.

  • vjhreeves 16 May, 2008

    Give them out as favors as they guests leave and THEY can use them at home on their refrigerators...cute!

  • vjhreeves 16 May, 2008

    SO cute! Perfect timing, too...I had JUST decided to do my baby girl's 1st b'day party next month in a rose theme, since rose is the flower for June (and I am OVER the whole princess thing already!) cute these would be decorating the table...and then I can give them out as favors as the guests leave.

  • jendutten 16 May, 2008

    What a lovely idea! I really like the possibility of using them as tablecloth weights. Plus, you could use more than one magnet on the backside to add extra weight. I had name tags at the hospital that used magnets, and it was so nice, as they didn't rip clothing when we got a rambunctious dog or horse in.

  • carolinaliving 16 May, 2008

    This is a really good and easy idea. I was thinking of something similar to Teddyann's idea with the flags. Other seasons might have leaves, pumpkins, Christmas decorations, hearts, shamrocks, etc. I can't wait to decorate for the Fourth of July using this concept.

  • cookiesgalore 16 May, 2008

    OH. THIS IS SO-O-O COOL!!! Has anyone thought of the possibilities of using this idea as a tablecloth stabilizer for outside (for picnics,cookouts,etc.)??? This would be a great way to weigh down the tablecloth, at the same time making it decorative.
    How about making giant felt "ants" instead of flowers as a funny idea for picnics. Would that be cool or WHAT?! I am so-o-o doing this! Thanks Martha for the idea!!

  • frenchgal 16 May, 2008

    Love this idea! Can be adapted down the center of a table scattered with candles. Using the magnets on a horizontal surface will guarantee their positions. Would also look great on the tenting of a mosquito net (use the flower heads on both sides!). With good imitation flowers everywhere and at great sale prices, why bother making them. Save the leftovers to embellish a summer hat or tote bag! This magnet trick can also be a great way to avoid pin marks in a beautiful blouse.

  • hassiel 16 May, 2008

    I agree..this is a very neat idea...

  • Curlgirl13 16 May, 2008

    GrMCathy could take a minute to read before adding not-so-nice comments ... This not a 'make the flowers' idea - it clearly says pic blossoms you really like at a craft store. This is a really neat, time saving, original idea. The designers deserve credit.

  • mimikellar 16 May, 2008

    HOW CLEVER!!!!!!!!!

  • grmacathy 16 May, 2008

    Yes it would be nice to have a bit more detail on the actual flower patterns. Sometimes I think that Martha's staff is just throwing daily ideas together to get them done rather than thinking that any of us will actually us them. The flowers pictured are different, and pretty, and I would love to know how to make them in more detail.

  • Wysiwig 16 May, 2008

    This is one of the cutest and easiest ideas I have seen. So many possibilities and uses...curtains, table cloths, hand towels - all occasions! I can't wait to make some.

  • bug32 16 May, 2008

    Where are the patterns?

  • Teddyann 16 May, 2008

    I can't wait to use this idea with mini flags for my July 4th party.

  • veltor313 16 May, 2008

    This is pretty neat. Wish I had this idea for my daughters 6th birthday....It would have been a perfect touch for her Garden Tea Pary.

  • Dotsiem 16 May, 2008

    I wouldn't use the magnets - safety sake for children and the extra weight of the magnets. If you like the look - why not just get a large safety pin and pin it on from the back. Don't pin it from the center - pin it up more the top so that the flower doesn't 'flop' down. Experiment with pin placement. Enjoy the day~

  • origamidoll 16 May, 2008

    So easy and pretty! One word of warning, however. Don't use these around babies and tots. If they swallow the magnets they could be seriously injured and require emergency surgery. I am a new-ish grandma and I look at my house in a whole new light!

  • SoupAddict 16 May, 2008

    I love this! I wonder if you use heavy enough magnets that the flowers will act as tablecloth weights for outdoor dining. I think I'll try it....

  • momdi76 16 May, 2008

    What a great idea! This will be wonderful for any party or season changes.

  • AmyBrown 16 May, 2008

    What a great idea!!! 'Tis the season for showers--this would be gorgeous at a bridal or baby shower. Or how about on the cake table at the reception?

  • Jenelle628 16 May, 2008

    Seems as if the possibilities don't end with flowers. This is such a fun and easy idea that it makes you wonder why you didn't think of it .... doesn't it??

  • Andrea2 16 May, 2008

    A neat gift for anyone going through an extended hospital stay too!! These can easily be used without a second magnet on many surfaces in these settings. Thanks Martha, this is an instant, cheerful greeting!

  • alteredchaos 16 May, 2008

    such a 'simple' idea, yet the applications are infinite! this is by far the most ORIGINAL design idea i've seen in any book, magazine or webiste. i missed its publication in 2006, but will certainly make up for it now! thanks to martha's artistic and imaginative team!

  • younggrama 16 May, 2008

    Great for my daughter's graduation coming up!! I'm going to throw on some paper/felt graduation caps and diplomas too! Also great for my motorhome.

  • Debi1217 16 May, 2008

    What great timing! We are doing a casino fundraiser and I think I will do Large cards and dice! Thanks again Martha!

  • tinkonthebrink 16 May, 2008

    Oh, and hats! What a great way to add changeable embellishments to all kinds of hats! And how about curtains? This is a great idea!

  • fannylandia 16 May, 2008

    What a great idea! Perfect timing for me. Thank you.

  • 1234sana 16 May, 2008

    That is the CRAZIEST Idea I ever hear of... I Love it! I will use this as a table setting at a party. So simple, so easy and so inexpensive.
    THANK YOU, Thank you!!!!

  • Karolyn 16 May, 2008

    What a great idea - again, I can't believe I didn't think of this myself. Something to add... you could use the same concept for clothing. I hesitate to wear pins on delicate fabrics and knitwear. A magnet would be perfect for fun embellishments, nothing valuable.

  • babyandme 10 Apr, 2008

    Thank you for this great idea. I have always loved floral embellishments but never wanted to permanently change some of my fabrics. Thanks