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The Martha Stewart Show, September 2009

Martha announces her brand new product partnership with The Home Depot, launching in 2010. To learn more, visit homedepot.com/marthastewart.

Joined by The Home Depot CEO Frank Blake, Martha gives a sneak peek at the beautiful patio furniture in the Pacifica 4-piece Deep-Seating Collection, which includes 2 club chairs, a loveseat with oversized weather-resistant cushions, and a glass-top coffee table.

Fun Facts
from The Home Depot
- Each year, The Home Depot sells more than one hundred million pounds of nails and screws, which equals the weight of over nineteen thousand five hundred elephants.

- The Home Depot sells enough carpet per year to cover more than one third of Manhattan.

- If The Home Depot strung together all of the Christmas light sets they sell annually, they would go around the earth twice.


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