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French Countryside Baby Shower

Martha Stewart Baby, Volume 4 2001

This shower theme was inspired by the French countryside in summer, where the fields are carpeted in lavender and the sky is nursery blue.

Planning the Shower
Invitations should be sent at least three weeks in advance to an intimate number of friends and family members. The parents-to-be can help make the guest list so that no one important is forgotten.

If they have registered with a baby store, close friends and family can spread the word, or the host can offer suggestions for gifts in accordance with the parents' wishes.

As with any party, keeping last-minute work to a minimum is best. Most of the foods here are easy to prepare and can be eaten out of hand at room temperature. And the decorations are few: embroidered linens, a tiny arrangement of forget-me-nots, and a few dangling wired wreaths. All attention will be focused, anyway, on the belly of the mother-to-be.

Baby Shower Activity
Although gift opening is the main event, another activity can enliven the gathering. Try this activity. Guests write their favorite names for (boys) and (girls) on slips of paper that are dropped in jars for the parents' consideration.

Shower Gift Basket
The host gives the expectant mother a roomy basket to collect the gifts. Later the basket will make a nice catchall for linens or toys.

Shower Favors
As a party favor, wrap blocks of white chocolate in parchment, tied with waxed twine, and topped with a vanilla bean to make individual servings of Chocolat Blanc.

Potato Leek Soup
Radishes with Chive Butter
Chocolat Blanc

Comments (12)

  • brooksee 5 Feb, 2012

    Forget Me Not Centerpieces: Which are what & what do they look like & how do you make/create them?

  • brooksee 5 Feb, 2012

    Will someone please simply explain how to make the hanging bebe floral centerpiece thingy. Please tell me know how I can do this with step by step directions, thanks.

  • jsimpson121 10 Nov, 2010

    This is a beautiful set up. I especially like the <a href="">invitations</a>, the color scheme matches perfectly.

  • carol3 28 Dec, 2009

    how do you make the invitations

  • christawaltenbaugh 21 Oct, 2009

    easy enough to make sign with green floral wire double up, shaped and then wrapped in green floral tape to desired thickness. hot glue fake flowers of choice wherever you choose and then fasten ribbon however you choose to hang it...i hung all four letters from one white pole so that it was easy to mount on a wall.

  • deb725 24 Feb, 2009

    Are there instructions for the bebe wreath?

  • pierouette 12 Feb, 2009

    I just made this bebe wreath sign for my sister-in-laws shower. It turned out beautiful just like the picture. If anyone is interested in buying it from me to use, just email me at:

  • MOMGO 13 Sep, 2008

    Pottery Barn Kids has nice baskets with gingham liners. I got mine a few years ago but I'm sure they still have them.

  • shearsnip 23 Aug, 2008

    Jo Ann's ususally carries fabric lined baskets

  • MissyG6614 21 Aug, 2008

    We did an amazing french themed unisex baby shower for my friend based on this site. I made 3 of these bebe signs and now I don't have anything to do with them. They took about an hour each! If anyone wants them, email me and I will put them up on ebay (with pictures) for you. Regardless, I highly recommend this theme.

  • jbran 23 May, 2008

    Does anyone know a good place to find a lovely basket like the one featured? And how would you line it?

  • klspotts 7 Nov, 2007

    I don't know if you can buy the bebe wreath somewhere so I ended up making my own. I used brown floral twine to shape the letters. I used small, wire decorative flowers in the wedding section of the craft store to twist around each letter. It came out looking much like the picture. Everyone at the shower loved it.