Baby Cakes

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 2 2001

Suddenly, a year has passed. And as the long-awaited day approaches, nothing generates as much excitement as the cake -- not the balloons overhead, not even the gifts you've been trying to hide for weeks.

Okay, maybe if your one and only baby has just completed his first 12 months on earth, he won't yet comprehend the full drama of what's about to happen. But birthday cakes take root in a baby's mind, and if he's old enough to blow out the candles, he's old enough to have been babbling incessantly for months about the cake. Suggestions for cakes he would like -- make that "must have" -- have been spouting out of his mouth as suddenly as hiccups. So here are five cakes to inspire you and delight him. All have strong visual themes, which seem to play best in the world of children's birthday cakes. There's something here for everyone: One is a ruffled pink cake for the girliest of girls, another is just right for a little boy blue in love with the seashore. A gumdrop mountain, a lollipop garden, and an infestation of birthday bugs will make any child think he's fallen down a rabbit hole straight into a game of Candyland.

Sailboat Cake
Bug Cupcakes
Ruffle Tower Cake
Lollipop Garden Cake


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