Building Cookie Cottages: Creature Comforts

Building Cookie Cottages: Creature Comforts

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2006


A bright gummy bird and chubby marshmallow snowman greet visitors to this thatched cottage. To create the look of freshly fallen snow, we used frosted-wheat cereal for the roof, yogurt-covered pretzels for the fence, and nougat candy for the walkway. The double doors are graham cracker sticks with knobs made from mini candy-coated chocolates. The nose of the snowman is a cone cut from an orange spice drop and gently rolled; his hat is a piece of black gumdrop, and his eyes are sprinkles pressed into pinpricked holes. Assemble his feathered friend with a gummy fruit slice, a spice drop, a mini candy-coated chocolate, and sprinkles.

For instructions on how to build the basic cottage, see Cookie Cottages How-To.

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