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Golden Rules of Bathroom Organizing

1. Group like things together -- store all cosmetics in a washable cosmetics bag or plastic bin (subdivide cosmetics into categories if you have lots), all skin-care products on the same shelf in your medicine cabinet, all shampoos in one spot under the sink.

2. Get rid of things regularly. Cosmetics have a finite shelf life, as do skin-care products and medications. Every year, take an inventory, and throw out those items that are expired, you no longer use, or are damaged. There is some concern that flushing expired medications down the toilet can adversely affect the water supply. Instead, ask if your pharmacy has a drug take-back program. If not, throw medicines into the trash; secure them in a garbage bag and make sure it is out of the reach of children or animals who might get into trash bins.

3. Keep small items in containers. Hair accessories, bottles of nail polish, brushes and combs will all be easily accessible in see-through plastic bins, with neat, easy-to-read labels.

Comments (4)

  • Patricia Si 13 Jun, 2014

    Indeed, pharmacies take back medicine (at least in Europe) and dispose of them appropriately. Some pharmacies ask for you to bring in expired medicine without the cardboard packing, others ask to bring them in a clear plastic bag - check with your nearby pharmacies about their practices.

  • themagiccloset 12 Feb, 2009

    After my mom passed away, our Hospice organization advised us to dispose of the medications in used coffee grounds. The coffee grounds will denature the medicine and make it inert so animals, birds, etc won't be harmed.

  • cordel 8 Jan, 2009

    All pharmacies should accept outdated medications. Don't buy too far ahead and don't pollute our earth by disposing of medications in landfill. If your pharmacy will not accept, change pharmacies. That may tell you why some have lower dispensing fees than others.

  • madweber 30 Oct, 2008

    Where is the shampoo holder from???