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Glittered Clip-Art Bird Cards




Make handwritten notes even more special with cards you create yourself. Print our clip-art bird design onto card stock, and cover them with glitter. Use a limited palette to yield an elegant look.

For a lasting display, this winter tree scene can also be glued to a wooden panel (see sources below). The snowy ground is a layer of white paper, also printed with the design, and covered in clear glitter before the silvery branches were added.


24-piece Essential Colors glitter set, by Martha Stewart Crafts, available at and Michaels. Glittering glue (craft glue) with fine-tip applicator, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels. Baking cups (to hold glue), from Dust-off XL disposable duster, by Falcon, from Staples. Matte cover card stock, from

If creating wooden panel instead of card: Natural maple panel, uncradled, by Art Boards,; and Yes Paste, from

Martha Stewart Living, November 2009



Reviews (6)

  • farmercrafter 13 Dec, 2010

    Is there any way to get another template that isn't a whole page? Or a way to shrink this one so that it could actually be the correct size for a greeting card?

  • tkq 29 Nov, 2010

    Ok, I would print out the design on blue and white paper. Take the white paper and paint glue to whatever level I want the snow,add white glitter dry and cut it out. Glue snow to blue-tree should line up. Draw the glue over the tree pattern add silver glitter. Add red glitter for birds. Voila. I think they mean then this can be glued to a wood panel.

  • Theresa_Stone 12 Nov, 2010

    This simple three-step process would work:

    1. Brush glue onto tree branches. Apply silver glitter. Let dry.
    2. Brush glue onto snow. Apply white glitter. Let dry.
    3. Brush glue onto bird. Apply red glitter. Let dry.

  • frogpondnapper 11 Nov, 2010

    Okay, we have the supply list. Where are the directions?

  • SueFord 11 Nov, 2010

    I agree with Andrea. Very poor instructions. Leaves me having to figure it all out myself.

  • AndreaSchoneker 11 Nov, 2010

    This is a first - these directions make no sense. Am I to print the design on silver paper and CUT OUT EACH INTRICATE BRANCH? then add it on top of the blue and white background (even I can figure out how to layer the white snow onto the blue background.)? And the snowy ground is printed with the design?? before the silvery branches are added?? are you kidding?