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Freezing Stock

The Martha Stewart Show

Some recipes require just a little stock, and the leftovers from a whole can won't keep forever in the refrigerator. Freezing unused stock or a homemade batch in 1-cup muffin tins makes it easy to store in small amounts. Pop frozen portions out of tin; store them in resealable plastic bags labeled with the date (frozen stock keeps for about two months).

Comments (28)

  • 5 Sep, 2013

    The only thing for which I use my individual silicone cupcake liners is to freeze broths and stocks. Thank you for the validation

  • 17 Feb, 2012

    I also chop up a green pepper and freeze it in a small ziplock...a bit of green pepper is available any time I want it!

  • 3 Oct, 2011

    Put portions of hamburger in freezer bags and press flat before freezing. It not only saves more space than the lump does, but it thaws about 10 times faster.

  • 15 Oct, 2010

    I've repurposed yogurt cups (Yoplait doesn't work and the containers harm scavaging animals) for freezing stocks. Works ideally for if your freezer lacks the area for a muffin tin.

  • 8 Oct, 2010

    The first time I did this I couldn't remove the stock from the muffin tins so I set the bottom of the pan in hot water and they slipped out easily.

  • 8 Oct, 2010

    I use the silicon muffin tray, easy to remove the frozen stock. I also use it to store tomatoes after removing its skin

  • 7 Oct, 2010

    I do the same thing with left over spaghetti sauce. Works wonders for making small pizza or just adding a little zip to soup.

  • 7 Oct, 2010

    Line your muffin tin with cling film first - keeps the liquid from absorbing any "tinny" taste or smelll. Bonus, If you wrap the frozen stock "muffins" with the cling film before you put them in a resealable plastic bag, they will not stick together.

  • 25 Mar, 2010

    Thank you for the Alzheimer's tip Mitzii. I heard long ago that they believe there's a connection somewhere with aluminum and Alzheimer's but wasn't sure exactly what it was.

  • 24 Mar, 2010

    FYI: my medium size muffin tins measure 1/3 cup using a liquid measuring cup.

  • 24 Mar, 2010

    If you use metal, make sure the metal does not contain any aluminium if you are going to put tomato sauce or anything acidic into them. Acidic foods in aluminum create a risk for Alzheimer's.

  • 5 Oct, 2009

    I agree with Washingtonmama...the ice cube trays also make more can control the portions and slip each liquid (once frozen) in clear freezer bags and mark 'em. I've been freezing leftover coffee for iced coffee like this for 30 years!

  • 27 Oct, 2008

    Such an excellent idea. I also tried to store the stock in rubber muffin tins so much easy to remove .

  • 25 Oct, 2008

    This is a great idea: standard for new Moms. I freeze just about anything in muffin or ice cube trays for my 10mnth old daughter. I have a freezer full of different flavored stocks, mashed vegies, steamed rice and fruit puree so dinner time can be as easy as melting a few cubes together and adding pasta, or melting so fruit cubes into porridge for breakfast. Does anyone else have a good idea for using food cubes?

  • 24 Oct, 2008

    I did not realize I could do this, from now on no more throwing away, I will be saving money, time, and STOCK. thanks a lot for this tremendous idea.

  • 23 Oct, 2008

    OH....also, I have found when I use the ice cube trays I can add different seasoning to some of the broth I pour in and it comes out great. The freezing process really seals in the flavor and I like the results. I pick different base type seasons like curry or cayenne which we use often, and then mark the trays. I got this idea after I tried this with melted butter that I seasoned and froze in the cube trays as well.

  • 23 Oct, 2008

    This is a ritual in my house after any holiday or anytime I make a roast of any kind. I usually opt for the bone-in kind of meats because I just love the stock you can make from it - and my house smells so wonderful while it's simmering!
    I like the muffin cup idea here. I have been using either large containers for chowders etc or ice cube trays for gravy bases (that works well) but this a good middle size. Am I the only one who keeps her stock for more than 2 mos? With no problem?

  • 23 Oct, 2008

    silicone does work much better

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    You could bypass the tins - if you have limited freezer space. Just portion the stock straight into the bags, seal them well and place them flat into your freezer. The stock freezes into a thin flat square. Saves a lot of space!

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    When my daughter was a baby, I made all of her baby food myself. I would cook batches of fruit, veggies, or meat, run it through the food processor and freeze it in ice cube trays and thaw as needed. This saved sooo much money and I knew exactly what was in her food.

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    Muffin tins are OK for freezing but I would recommend using silicone "tins" for easier removal of frozen stock. I have been doing this for several years, using large silicone ice cube trays I found at IKEA that hold a full 1/2 cup. They work great for freezing stock, tomato sauce/paste, pesto, anything you might need in a hurry in a small amount.. Silicone muffin "tins" would work equally well. Just a thought...

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    I've been doing this since I saw it in Cooks Illustrated and it works tip is to either use a non-stick muffin tray or line the muffin tray with plastic wrap first. this way the 'cubes' are easier to get out of the pan without bending the pan.

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    I freeze chicken stock in ice cube trays as well. It makes things go so much easier when trying to get supper ready. I also saute chopped colored bell peppers, Vidalia onions, celery and garlic and freeze them in the trays with a little water or broth added. (This is usually an every other Saturday chore.) It saves me a lot of time getting them ready ahead of time and I can just take a few cubes out of the freezer bag whenever I want them.

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    I cook 20 lbs of chicken each week for my 3 dogs. This will work for the chicken stock that I also add to their dry kibble. Thanks.

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    I had been freezing stock in ice cube trays, but it took a long time! Freezing it in muffin trays seems much more practical! And I have far more muffin tins than ice cube trays :D

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    This is a great tip for tomato paste as well. Freeze in ice cube trays, once frozen, place in freezer bags and pull out a cube when needed.

  • 22 Oct, 2008

    it is a great tip .I do it and ithelps me alot

  • 19 Dec, 2007

    This is a great idea! !!