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Bridal Shower Activity: Love Bingo


These game pieces are easy to make.

Love Bingo How-To
1. Print grids of 16 squares onto card stock. Number squares randomly, 1 to 16.

2. For paddles, glue a craft stick between two card-stock rectangles; write bride's name on one side, groom's on the other.

3. Number 16 cards 1 through 16; on the back of each, write something about the bride or groom ("hates bugs" or "Madonna fan"). Each player gets a bingo board, paddle, and candy "chips." The leader reads the cards; with paddle, players indicate whom the statement is about. If correct, they place a chip on the square with the card's number. Whoever gets four in a row first, wins.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 30 2004

Reviews (2)

  • 8 Feb, 2010

    I just made these!I did 4 across and 5 down because thats how it fit nicely on 5x7 card stock. The only pain in doing it on microsoft works is that i couldnt specify that i wanted it printed on a 5x7 paper so I had to press the button print screen and than open up paint and press control "V" and than it shows up you cut out the bingo card open up a new paint paste your bingo card there save and print. from there you can specify the size paper and quantity. sounds hard but really isnt!

  • 26 May, 2009

    Is there a template for this? Or is it possible to make using a word processing program?