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Outdoor Shower Screen




Rinse away grit after a beach trip -- or a wrestling match with the mower. This outdoor shower hooks right up to your garden hose (yep, it's cold water only; for a hot-water shower, consult a plumber). Add biodegradable bath soaps, and hop in.

For the curtain, we hemmed weatherproof fabric, sewed on rings, and hooked them to tent poles.


  • 5 yards weatherproof fabric (such as Sunbrella "Donghia Maui" fabric, Boston Design Center, 617-449-5506)
  • Industrial thread
  • 4 steel rings, 1 inch each
  • 8 steel rings, 1 1/2 inches each
  • 3 steel swivel hooks
  • 4 adjustable aluminum tent poles (Eureka adjustable 7-foot tent poles,
  • Hammer or mallet


  1. Step 1

    Hem the weatherproof fabric and use industrial thread to sew 1-inch steel rings at the top 4 points where the curtain will attach to the poles. Repeat using 1.5-inch rings at the middle and bottom points where the curtain will attach to the poles.

  2. Step 2

    On the edge that will serve as the "door," sew on three swivel hooks. Slide the rings onto each tent pole, starting with the larger bottom rings (the smaller, 1-inch rings will sit atop the poles).

  3. Step 3

    Hammer the poles 6 to 8 inches into the ground. To close the door, clasp the swivel hooks onto the adjacent pole. You can raise or lower the curtain's height depending on who is showering, and it can be washed and dried using industrial-size machines.

Blueprint, July/August 2007



Reviews (15)

  • kevin o-kane 2 Sep, 2013

    When we went to visit my mother who has a beach property, my kids and their cousins loved to go to the beach and swim for hours. Whenever they would come back to the house, they would be sticky and sandy, so we decided to build an outdoor shower screen. It was successful, except for a blocked drain at first. My wife loved it as it keeps the kids sand-free.

  • Cybersleuth 16 Jul, 2011

    This outdoor shower system would make an excellent dog bathing station!

  • Melanie Elaine 2 Jul, 2011

    I purchased four vinyl tablecloths that can cover outdoor tables. The fabric is able to get wet and the water just slides off it. These tablecloths would also work for this and other similar projects. Place the fuzzy side of the fabric, if present, to the outside of the project or double the fabric for protection on both sides. If appearances are important, use trim available from strips of the same fabric.

  • peppemintpatty 1 Feb, 2011

    Love the idea...but Sunbrella too expensive....would use a regular shower curtain...I have extra ones anyway!

  • CheeseBee 18 Aug, 2010

    Here's a link to the shower stand, by Orvis. It appears to be unavailable, though!

  • smalleah 19 Sep, 2009

    Wow, no kidding. $77/yard is expensive. You can pick up some Sunbrella awning grade fabric from a local awning shop or look online. sells Sunbrella by the yard. Try ebay too! The awning fabric should be $20/yard, give or take a few dollars and it's meant to last for years and years in the sun. You can even clean it with bleach. Good stuff. Industrial thread is a must too but some sewing machines may not be able to handle it.

  • lovey22 15 Jul, 2009

    How about just purchasing a inexpensive shower curtin, rings already included!!

  • edimas 13 Jul, 2009

    $77 per yd. and 5 yds. needed? u've got to be kidding! thats just the curtain. plus, what about a link to the shower itself? great and cute project overall, but not budget friendly or complete idea available.

  • pboszko 13 Jul, 2009 facric $7.98-19.99. Also have outdoor thread!

  • pboszko 13 Jul, 2009 facric $7.98-19.99. Also have outdoor thread!

  • marilyn1947 12 Jul, 2009

    Cute but a crazy price for a hose on a pole. Give me a break

  • Bechie 19 Sep, 2008

    I made an outside shower w/ pipe and a shower curtain.. it looks great.. probably costs me 25.00 total .. including labor as i did it myself...

  • aks111 12 Sep, 2008

    The material alone costs $385. I could buy a cabana already made.

  • alts63 18 Jul, 2008

    where's the information on the shower - the curtain is a no-brainer

  • PatriciaStreet 29 May, 2008

    I've been thinking of adding an outdoor shower to cut down a lot of the dirt being tracked inside during summer. We live in the country, so privacy is not a huge issue. I had thought to use lattice or fencing panels that could support honeysuckle or other vines around the shower, rather than a curtain. I'd like to hear from others with similar ideas that have worked well- with little fuss.